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Can You Remove the Snow in Sons of the Forest?

In this guide, we'll answer whether you can remove the snow In Sons of the Forest and how to survive the frigid winters in the game.
Can You Remove the Snow in Sons of the Forest?

The island location that set the stage for Sons of the Forest is considered to be an enemy of its own in the game, as it features seasonal changes that can be a challenge for players to survive. The most deadly weather condition is snow during the Winter, and many players have wondered if there was some way to remove it from the game.

So below, we'll answer that question and find out if you can remove the snow in Sons of the Forest. We'll also look at some workarounds to the snow in the game and what you can do to survive the frigid environment when the seasons change. 

Can You Remove the Snow in Sons of the Forest?

At the time of writing, there's no way to get rid of the snow in Sons of the Forest, not through the settings in the game or any in-game mechanics. It's a staple in the game's environment as it's meant to provide a harsher challenge after the resource-rich Summers and Springs in the game.

Can You Remove the Snow in Sons of the Forest Cant be removed
Although snow can't be removed in the game, you can find ways to mitigate its effects. (Picture: Endnight Games)

As you can imagine, during winter, with snow littering the ground, plants are less likely to grow, it's colder so your fatigue builds up faster, which leads to stamina loss and possibly death, and there's less foliage to hide from enemies in. That being the case, players will have to be smarter when it comes to the cold and snowy parts of the game. 

It's recommended that players take advantage of the seasonal cycle in the game and collect as many resources as possible during the Spring and Summer days to prepare for the winter. Besides that, there isn't much of a way to fight off the colder and snowy seasons in Sons of the Forest aside from enduring it and having enough resources to survive. 

Can You Remove the Snow in Sons of the Forest Stay warm and survive with resources
Stocking up on food, staying warm, and having a sturdy base will help you survive the snow and winter season. (Picture: Endnight Games)

One thing we can recommend is having a water base, as you can avoid enemies more regularly and not have to rely on the environment to sustain you. As you'll have a water source to attract mutants and even eat their flesh if needed. This is especially useful for fishing as you can stay safe in the water, and it won't freeze over if you know how to build one correctly, so be sure to check out our guide on how to build a water base here.

And that's how you can survive the snow even though you ant remove it in Sons of the Forest. Be sure to keep your fire stoked during those cold winters and be safe out there.