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How To Get Virginia In Sons Of The Forest

Are you hoping to add some extra limbs to your team? This guide will show you how to get Virginia as your companion in Sons of the Forest.
How To Get Virginia In Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest is finally here, and the game offers a new feature that has players buzzing: the ability to add companions to your team who act as assistants. With two companions to choose from - Kelvin and Virginia - many players are eager to know how to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest. And let's be honest, part of that interest is likely due to her striking physical traits of having three legs and three arms.

Once recruited, Virginia can become your trusty sidekick and help complete mundane tasks like gathering items for building or fighting off enemies. In addition, her extra limbs may come in handy for more than just obtaining tough-to-reach items. As such, having Virginia as a companion can be incredibly helpful. This guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to get Virginia as a companion in Sons of the Forest.

How To Get Virginia As A Companion In Sons Of The Forest

Fortunately, getting Virginia as a companion in Sons of the Forest is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is approach her with nothing in your hands. Use the "G" key to put away items in your hands and then approach her. At first, Virginia will run away from you, but don't give up on your efforts. Continue to walk up to her repeatedly until she becomes more comfortable around you.

As you do this, she will become less scared and eventually become friendly, allowing you to give her items to hold or use. It's worth noting that Virginia may not follow you, but she will stay around your camp. So keep being friendly with her, and she will remain your companion. In addition, it will also be possible to teach Virginia how to use multiple weapons in Sons of the Forest, which (thanks to her three arms) can prove extremely beneficial in combat.

how to get virginia companion sons of the forest
Virginia can be a useful companion for your team in Sons of the Forest. (Picture: YouTube / AerO R2)

As a useful tip, Virginia appears to enjoy sunny weather and warm cozy campfires. So, you can try lighting a campfire to lure her to you. Once you've successfully recruited Virginia as a companion in Sons of the Forest, she will perform various friendly gestures, including gathering materials and defending your base. Other than that, some players might also enjoy her seductive behavior toward them in the game.

And that's how to recruit Virginia the Three-Legged Lady as a companion in Sons of the Forest! Thank you to the YouTuber AerO R2 for clearly and concisely explaining how to add her to your team. With Virginia by your side, you'll be able to tackle the challenges of the forest with ease! Be sure to subscribe to their channel for more exciting guides and related game content.