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Splatoon 3 Chill Season: Release Date And New Modes

It is the Chill Season for Splatoon 3 and we have all the information you need on what is coming to this update.
Splatoon 3 Chill Season: Release Date And New Modes

Splatoon 3 is one of the most popular games in Japan. Ever since the original release, the game has gotten worldwide attention with its unique take on a third-person shooter. Splatoon 3 was recently released and now it is about to have its first major update.

The Chill Season is coming and with it, there a lot of new content is coming to Splatoon 3. The game will have new weapons, new modes, and a lot more. We will go over what content players can expect from this upcoming update of Splatoon 3 and when the update will hit.

What Is New In The Splatoon 3 Chill Season Update?

Splatoon 3 Chill Season
Chill Season of Splatoon 3 is coming and with that, new game modes are coming too. (Picture: Nintendo)

On November 14, the Splatoon 3 official Twitter posted a video showing off the upcoming content. Here is the tweet and video that was released:

Although there are some details that are not clearly spelled out, we can infer a couple of things from the video. The Chill Season will have all new weapons, maps, and clothing coming to the game. One of the key points of Splatoon 3 is customizing your character to just about any style you want them to look. So a clothing update is exciting for Splatoon 3 players.

On top of that, two brand-new modes are coming to Splatoon 3. The first mode is X Battles. In Splatoon 3, there is a ranking system in the game. It is based on letters and after S+ rank, players can reach the X rank. X Battles were in Splatoon 2 and they were so X-ranked players could match up against each other. This trend will likely continue in Splatoon 3.

The next mode coming up are the Big Runs. In Splatoon 3, there is a PVE mode where players can join up against hordes of mobs in a mode called Salmon Run. The Big Run is an expanded version of that and will be more difficult than the original Salmon Runs.

When Will The Chill Season Update Release?

Splatoon 3
The Big Run, a new PVE game mode will launch when the Chill Season update drops. (Picture: Nintendo)

Thankfully, players will not have to wait too much longer for the Chill Season update of Splatoon 3. The Chill Season content is out now.

When that date hits, players will get two new modes to play with, extra cosmetics, and new weapons. Thankfully, this is not just a seasonal launch. The new maps, weapons, modes, and cosmetics are going to stay when the Chill Season launches.

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Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.