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All Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Datacard locations

Here's a master list of all Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Datacard locations for you to easily move around the map and collect them.
All Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Datacard locations

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was arguably one of the most awaited titles of this year ahead of release on 5th April. From the production house of Warner Bros, this action-adventure title is based around a Lego theme. Amongst the exciting new content, players have been searching for the locations of Datacards. To help you out, we'll go through all the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Datacard locations in-depth.

Similar to the prequels, The Skywalker Saga features a massive map with new elements to make the gameplay interesting. Additionally, the game has multiple popular Star Wars characters for players to choose from and embark on their journey.

Lego Starwars The Skywalker Saga - Datacard uses

Datacard locations Lego Starwars The Skywalker Saga
Use the Datacards to enhance the base stats of your primary weapons. (Picture: WB Interactive Entertainment)

If you're new to Lego Star Wars titles, you'll want to follow this guide closely as these Datacards will be very important to gameplay. The cards allow players to optimize their experience and there are many different cards to find.

Datacards are rare collectible items found in multiple locations throughout the map. These items allow players to boost their equipped weapons and can also increase the base stats of the character the player is running on.

Collecting Datacards also provides players with additional unlocks for their characters, including new items and skins. For the grinders, collecting all the Datacards will be pertinent to unlocking all the achievements for the title. So there really is something in it for everyone, as finding these cards is certainly worth your while.

Lego Starwars The Skywalker Saga Datacard location all locations
Locate all the Datacards in Lego Starwars The Skywalker Saga for full performance capability. (Picture: WB Interactive Entertainment)

Datacard locations in Lego Starwars The Skywalker Saga

In total, there are 19 locations on the map where players can nab one of the Datacards. Take a look at the list below and use the location description to make things easier while searching for it.

  • Bespin, Cloud City - Can be found inside the window, found at the centre of the location. Make use of the Breaker Blaster to get access to the Datacard.
  • Cantonica, Canto Bight - Head to the top of the building, and the Datacard is located on the ledge.
  • Coruscant, Federal district - Once you’re inside the district, follow the path that heads to the Northwest and move towards the end of the building before jumping to the right.
  • Coruscant, Uscru district - Datacard is on the floating building in the South.
  • Crait, outpost - Can be found near Arcy’s opposite platform. Be careful of the steps as the platforms have big gaps between them.
  • Dagobah, Dragonsnake bog - Scan out the Southeast area of the map to find the Datacard.
  • Endor, in Ewok village - From the main village of Ewok, follow the path that leads to the vines. Shoot at them to reveal the Datacard.
  • Exegol, in Sith citadel - Jump onto the chains right after coming out of the elevators.
  • Geonosis, in stalgasin hive - Make your way through the platforms and Rock Mountains by following the blue markings.
  • Hoth, eco base - First off, locate the hanger. Use the blue marks and jump across them to reach the opposite side.
  • Jakku, Niima outpost - Search the sand dunes for ship engines. The Datacard can be found inside it.
  • Kashyyk, in Kachirho - Jump across the platforms on the North and Northeast side to reach the location of the Datacard.
  • Kef Bir, crash site - Move in the west direction from the crash site
  • Mustafar, mining complex - Keep moving in the north direction of the complex until you reach a cylindrical pipe. The Datacard is on the opposite side of the pipe.
  • Takodana, Maz’s Castle - First, find the person near the lake and then use a column to pull the chest out of the water to grab the Datacard.
  • Tatooine, in Mos Eisley - Head towards the stone mountain and finally suitable location to jump onto another one near to it.
  • Tatooine, in Mos Espa - Locate the Slave Quarters to collect the Datacard.
  • Tatooine, in the Jundland wastes - Remove three blocks near the Residential Quarters to reveal the Datacard.
  • Yarvin 4, great temple - Can be found on one of the beams of the temple.

For those who would prefer a visual guide, check out this awesome video from YouTube creator Thomas' Trophy Tutorials.

That just about covers all the Datacard locations in Lego Starwars The Skywalker Saga. For more coverage including game guides, updates, and more, check out the rest of our dedicated Star Wars section.


Featured image courtesy of Thomas' Trophy Tutorials / WB Interactive Entertainment.