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How To Fix the Dive Bell In Still Wakes the Deep

Here's how to fix the Dive Bell in Still Wakes the Deep.
How To Fix the Dive Bell In Still Wakes the Deep
(Picture: The Chinese Room)

One of the first challenges you'll face in Still Wakes the Deep is helping Caz, one of the oil rig workers, to get him out of the dive bell. To help your coworker out, you'll need to find two levers and pull them in a certain order.

How To Fix the Dive Bell In Still Wakes the Deep

To fix the Dive Bell, you'll first need to pull one lever on the lower level of the rig, and then the other lever up on the upper part of the rig. These levers will first allow the Dive Bell to move, and then will pull it up to your other coworker.

To get to the lower level, head down the stairs on the left. Then, walk along the edge until you see the Brake Lever. You'll need to grip it using your Grip/Hold button to activate it. Next, you can head back up to the higher level.

brake lever lower level
You'll first need to pull the brake lever. (Picture: Team17)

From the upper part of the rig, you'll need to find another lever. This one is also yellow and is labelled Clump Weight Winch Control. It's located just to the left of the ledge that overlooks the dive bell itself. You likely saw it on your way down to pull the first lever.

clump weight
The second lever is located on the upper level. (Picture: Team17)

Once you've pulled both of the levers, you unfortunately won't be able to free your friend from the Dive Bell - you'll have to leave that to your coworker. You can move on to the next area, though, underneath the rig. Just prepare for some platforming on your way down, since the danger intensifies pretty quickly after you enter the rig's lower area.