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How to Get Past Trots In Still Wakes the Deep

Here's how to get past Trots in Still Wakes the Deep.
How to Get Past Trots In Still Wakes the Deep
(Picture: The Chinese Room)

At one point in your journey in Still Wakes the Deep, you'll come across one of your coworkers known as Trots - and then you'll meet him again, but the second time, he doesn't exactly look like himself. In fact, rather than the close friend you've come to know, Trots seems to be entirely out to get you.

You'll need to make your way past this terrifying version of Trots using stealth and some distractions. This encounter is one of the most difficult parts of the game at this point, so here's how to get past Trots so you can progress on and survive.

How to Get Past Trots

trots still wakes the deep
Using this hiding spot in the middle of the room is the trick to getting away from Trots. (Picture: The Chinese Room)

To get past Trots, you'll first need to go to the hiding spot in the middle of the room. It's underneath the washing machines, and is a tight little cubby in the center of the room. When approaching it, you might feel tempted to use stealth - but that's for after you get there. You'll want to sprint to the middle of the room once you get there, before Trots starts heading your way.

This can take a little bit of practice and luck, since sometimes, Trots can spot you before you make it there. If this is the case, your best bet is to try to grab a hammer or nearby distraction to prevent him from getting you before you make it.

Once you're in the little middle area, you can grab the hammer from the other side and toss it out at Trots. If you hit him, he'll be incapacitated for a moment; if you don't, he'll head in the direction of where you've thrown the hammer.

hammer trots
You can throw a Hammer to either stun Trots, or distract him. (Picture: The Chinese Room)

If you happen to die when trying to get past Trots, don't worry - you'll respawn right at the beginning of this sequence, so all you'll have to do is get past him again. You won't lose any progress or need to go back at all.

Whether or not you've successfully gotten past Trots in the first room, he'll follow you out of it; Caz will immediately notice that Trots is still on his tail as he makes his way out. You'll need to book it up the stairs and get out of there as fast as you can, or Trots will catch up to you. You're safe as soon as you get past the area where you have to squeeze yourself between two walls.