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How To Deploy The Lifeboat In Still Wakes The Deep

Here's how to deploy the lifeboat in Still Wakes the Deep.
How To Deploy The Lifeboat In Still Wakes The Deep
(Picture: The Chinese Room)

In Still Wakes the Deep, you'll find yourself at a point where you're trying to do everything you can to escape the oil rig as it crumbles around you. You're left with only the lifeboats on one of the upper decks to help you escape - but first, you'll need to figure out how to lower and use it. You'll want to do this as quickly as you can, so knowing how to do so beforehand can help you out in this tense sequence.

How to Deploy the Lifeboat

lifeboat instructions
The board next to the lifeboat offers instructions for how to lower it. (Picture: Team17)

To deploy the Lifeboat once you've gotten to it in Still Wakes the Deep, you'll need to follow the instructions on the board next to the lifeboat itself. They list six steps, walking you through exactly how to lower the lifeboat and use it.

The instructions tell you to first pull the pins on each side of the lifeboat, and then pull the lever to lower the boat. So, you'll need to do just that. Approach the lifeboat and check each side for one pin. You'll need to interact with each pin to pull it out, making sure you've done the same thing for both sides. Thankfully, it's a pretty simple process.

lifeboat pins
There are pins on each side of the lifeboat. (Picture: The Chinese Room)

Next, you can approach the lever next to the lifeboat labelled 'Brake Lever' and pull it to deploy the lifeboat. Like most of the game's objectives, it's bright yellow. You'll first need to grip, then pull. Now, you're done deploying the lifeboat.

lifeboat lever
This lever lets you deploy the lifeboat. (Picture: The Chinese Room)

Unfortunately, the whole thing will fall right off of the rig holding it up -rendering it completely useless to you. After deploying the lifeboat using these steps, you'll have to find another way to progress, since the lifeboat isn't usable anymore. Fortunately, you'll get the Home by Christmas achievement for successfully deploying it as a little consolation prize.