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How to Escape Muir In Still Wakes the Deep

Here's how to escape the deadly morphed Muir in Still Wakes the Deep.
How to Escape Muir In Still Wakes the Deep
(Picture: The Chinese Room)

In Still Wakes the Deep, there are several terrifying stealth sections in which players must avoid monsters hunting them down. At one point, Caz will have to escape his coworker Muir, turned into a terrible beast. Without weapons, you'll need to use your wits to keep yourself safe. Here's how to escape Muir in Still Wakes the Deep.

How to Escape Muir

muir still wakes the deep
Muir is a huge beast and can even detect your heartbeat. (Picture: The Chinese Room)

As with other sections of Still Wakes the Deep, there's no combat when you're trying to escape Muir - you'll instead need to rely on stealth throughout the segment. Muir can't see you, or get you, when you're hiding in the pipes and shipping containers, so you'll want to rely on them as much as possible.

If you hear Muir call out that he sees you, you should run as fast as possible toward the next pipe or shipping container. He won't be able to get you when you're in there, even if he followed you up to the edge. This doesn't always work, since Muir is extremely quick, but it's your only hope if he's coming your way.

Stay inside the pipe or shipping container until Muir is out of the way - this can take some time. Since he's so large and even claims he can "hear your heartbeat", he can detect you from a good ways away.

shipping container muir
Hop into covered spots to get away from Muir. (Picture: The Chinese Room)
muir hiding spot
There are various hiding spots where you can sneak away from Muir, and some contain throwables. (Picture: The Chinese Room)

If you're having trouble with Muir lurking near the pipe that you're hiding in, try looking around you for throwables. These come in the form of cans, other debris, and even hammers. Throwing one of these will cause Muir to run in that direction looking for you, giving you some time to sneak by. You'll know you've been successful in distracting him if Caz makes a comment about Muir leaving. But be careful - throwing a throwable near you will cause Muir to head right in your direction.

Once you've gotten past Muir, you can head behind the fence to press the lever and move on. Then, you can come out the way you came, making sure to maintain stealth since Muir is still out to get you. To exit this area successfully, you'll have to run to the Crew Lift after toggling the lever behind the fence.