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Kai Cenat Denies Paying For Sex Amid Public Dispute With Layla Red Cakes

Kai Cenat is embroiled in controversy after adult actress Kierra Rush (aka "Layla Red Cakes") accused him of paying for sex.
Kai Cenat Denies Paying For Sex Amid Public Dispute With Layla Red Cakes
Twitch / Kai Cenat

This is a developing story.

On Apr. 14, 2024, popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat was accused by adult actress Kierra Rush (aka "Layla Red Cakes") of paying for sex. This allegation stems from a claim by Kierra that Kai had sent her $5,000 for sexual intercourse after chat messages and a video of Kai sleeping next to her were leaked online. However, Kai Cenat has vehemently denied these allegations.

During a Twitch livestream on Apr. 15, Kai addressed the matter and provided evidence through screen and voice recordings refuting the claims. This included him explicitly denying sending any money to Kierra Rush for sexual acts. Instead, he claimed that he only sent $50 for her Uber ride and described Kierra's latest actions as "clout-chasing sh*t."

However, the controversy escalated when Kierra Rush went on social media to expose Kai Cenat, seeking more money for "hush money." This move has been criticized by some, who questioned why she would expose a paying customer and potentially lose future business. Others have pointed out the lack of discretion and the possible negative impact on Kai Cenat's reputation and career.

Kai Cenat has since gone public about his intention to pursue legal action against the individual responsible for leaking his private images and messages. Meanwhile, Kierra Rush has continued to release more information, including screen recordings and screenshots, to support her claims.

The controversy has sparked discussions on social media, with some users criticizing Kai Cenat for his alleged actions. In contrast, others have defended him or criticized the accuser for her handling of the situation. As of now, the situation remains unresolved, with both parties standing by their claims.