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Forsen got banned from Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Sebastian "Forsen" Hans has just been banned from the streaming platform Twitch.
Forsen got banned from Twitch

Swedish Twitch streamer Forsen is now banned from Twitch, for currently unknown reasons and it is yet unclear for how long.

Forsen is often considered to be controversial, mostly because of his unruly attitude and his 'forsen bajs' fan base.  Nonetheless, the last time he was banned on Twitch was back in 2016 for "several offences adding up."

But this time the banhammer was unmerciful, and Forsen is now banned from Twitch

Fans speculate that the reason for this lies in several violations he has made during his last couple of streams, while he was playing Valorant's ranked system.

Some fans are reporting that he was "shitting on Russian people pretty hard," while others claim that he was flaming his teammates, calling them "retarded and bad".

forsen twitch banned

Int he past few days he was pushing ranks on Valorant's ladder and was one rank away from Immortal yesterday. Immortal is the second-highest rank in the game.

The general conclusion is that he was excessively toxic in the last couple of days. During his ranked Valorant sessions he was constantly flaming his teammates for trivial things like "not playing the game as much as he does,"

At the time of writing this article, Forsen remains silent, and we're yet to see if he will address the situation.

forsen valorant banned

Forsen started his professional career as an avid StratCraft 2 player, with a later transition to Hearthstone which sparked his huge popularity.

For the last couple of years, he is mostly a variety streamer, but lately, he has been playing a lot of Valorant. Although he is good at Valorant, his fans don't seem to approve of that, since many find game boring to watch, which has resulted in his overall number of viewers falling a bit.