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New Kimmikka Sex Clip Leaked: Twitch Streamer's Viral Video Revealed In Full

A new video of Twitch streamer "Kimmikka" has leaked online, showing the full extent of the clip that got her banned for having sex during her live stream.
New Kimmikka Sex Clip Leaked: Twitch Streamer's Viral Video Revealed In Full
Kimmikka / Twitch

Disclaimer: This article deals with mature subject matter that is of a sexual nature and is not appropriate for younger readers.

Streamers on Twitch have offered up some of the most outrageous moments on the internet, but none quite like Kimmikka's earlier debacle. On 24th August 2022, this Twitch personality ended up showing more than gameplay when a clip of Kimmikka having sex during her live stream spread like wildfire, showing her companion perched up confidently from behind her.

Naturally, this incident became the talk of the internet, with "Kimmikka sex video" becoming a trending search term. More recently, however, the internet was set ablaze following rumors of a new Kimmikka sex clip circulating on Twitter. This "director's cut," which is far more explicit than the original clip in many respects, shows the full shot many thirsty internet users might have originally been searching for.


Backtracking to the original incident, Kimmikka, who had a modest following of 231 according to SullyGnome, was innocently live-streaming until things took an unexpected turn. Unbeknownst to the streamer, the camera angle captured a window's reflection showing Kimmikka and her partner in a rather compromising position. The shocking act was clipped and later went viral on the Livestreamfails subreddit, setting off an internet frenzy.

Immediately after the Kimmikka sex video gained traction online, Twitch responded by banning the streamer's account. However, the punishment seemed to be temporary, with reports of the Twitch streamer only receiving a ban for seven days. This alleged leniency has caused controversy, with critics arguing the ban should have been indefinite due to the serious breach of Twitch's Community Guidelines.


Fast forward to the present day, a new clip, tagged as "Kimmikka's new sex video," has surfaced, sending the internet into another spiral of shock and intrigue, leaving little to the imagination. Observant viewers spotted telltale items, such as Pringles chips and Christian Dior socks, revealing that this video might be from the same occasion that led to Kimmikka's initial seven-day ban on Twitch.

Amidst the uproar, Twitter users have voiced their opinions, varying from mocking jibes to serious concerns about the state of online entertainment. While Twitch failed to comment publically on the matter at the time it was most relevant to them, it seemed as though Kimmikka had exiled herself from the Purple Platform following her supposed "drunken accident," closing her Twitch account altogether.


Whether you view it as a blatant publicity stunt or a shocking breach of online etiquette, the undeniable truth is that this sex scandal has thrust Kimmikka into the limelight in a way few could have anticipated. This entire event has brought to light a myriad of issues within the Twitch community, from the platform's seemingly biased approach to punishments to its need for stricter content monitoring.

In the meantime, the Twitch streamer sex video incident has left a stain on Kimmikka's streaming career and is sure to be remembered as one of Twitch's most scandalous moments. Interested in more salacious content? You might like this article about a streamer shaving his balls on his live stream.

This story was originally written by Jay Hunter and updated by Chadley Kemp.