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Twitch Streamer Hit With 7 Day Ban After Having Sex During Livestream

Twitch streamer "kimmikka" was banned from the platform after having sexual intercourse during their live stream.
Twitch Streamer Hit With 7 Day Ban After Having Sex During Livestream

The Twitch community has seen its fair share of crazy, hilarious moments. From JustaMinx chugging a bottle of lube to streamers outright watching pornography during live streams. We've even seen a Twitch streamer shaving his genitals on stream seemingly without shame. We've seen it all.

It’s sometimes hard to believe, but the shenanigans don’t stop there, with a Twitch streamer recently going as far as engaging in sexual intercourse during their Twitch stream.

On 24th August 2022, a streamer called “kimmikka” was banned for having sex live on Twitch, with the window's reflection showing the act to viewers. In response to the embarrassing moment, the streamer said it was a “drunken accident” and that Twitch only responded with a seven-day suspension for the act.

Twitch Streamer Banned For Having Intercourse In Livestream

kimmikka twitch streamer banned intercourse livestream
Kimmikka is a Twitch streamer who was banned for having intercourse during a livestream. (Picture: Twitter / Jake Lucky)

During kimmikka’s stream, they were drinking alcohol and perched up against the desk with the camera facing most of their face. However, unbeknownst to the streamer, the camera showed an angle of the window’s reflection, displaying kimmikka and their partner rearing up behind them.

As a result, the streamer was immediately banned from Twitch but not before first going viral on the Livestreamfails subreddit. Before the explicit acts unfolded, kimmikka looked at their partner-in-crime, laughing, until the partner went behind them (seen through the reflection), and one thing led to another.

kimmikka banned seven days twitch
Kimmikka was allegedly banned for seven days on Twitch. (Picture: Twitter / Jake Lucky)

Immediately after gaining traction online, Twitch took down the streamer’s account. In response to reporter and online personality Jake Lucky, kimmikka stated, “it was a drunken accident and ended [the] stream quickly.”

Kimmikka was reportedly banned for seven days, but some think the Twitch ban might last longer or become an indefinite ban due to the serious violation of Twitch's Community Guidelines.

On the other hand, the streamer only had 231 followers, according to SullyGnome, which was arguably a major limiting factor regarding the total public exposure of their indecent act.

Still, Twitch's apparently biased approach to what might be described as a "slap on the wrist" ban has also drawn immense criticism. YouTube prankster and ex-Twitch streamer JiDion slammed the platform for being racist. "A girl gets f*cked on stream [and gets a] 7-day ban while I'm still here permabanned. Twitch is racist!"

But regardless of whether or not Kimmikka is banned for seven days or forever, this embarrassing moment will stain their streaming career if they wish to continue creating content on Twitch. Until now, Twitch hasn’t officially commented on the incident, but kimmikka’s ban will supposedly lift by the following week.

Update on 27th August 2022: YouTube star JiDion has responded with harsh criticism regarding Twitch's alleged unfair action against kimmikka in a recent video.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch and Twitter via Jake Lucky.