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Tfue calls Fortnite community "garbage" due to stream sniping

The top Fortnite Twitch.tv streamer in the world, Tfue, calls the community garbage, due to "12-year-old stream snipers"
Tfue calls Fortnite community "garbage" due to stream sniping

The extremely popular Twitch.tv Fortnite streamer, Turner “Tfue” Tenney, is at it again, and we can probably make a list of things Tfue hates on a monthly or even weekly basis.

His focus this week is on the community from which he hails, Fortnite. On a recent Tfue stream, he called the Fortnite community garbage, amongst other things.


Tfue slams Fortnite community


Tfue has been very vocal about Fortnite stream-sniping. This is when opponents in a match watch the streamer's actions, and uses it to locate the streamer. 

Tfue didn't pull any punches, talking about the Fortnite community in a recent stream:

"Loser-ass b&#$hes? Yeah, dude. The Fortnite community is f#$@ing garbage, it's filled with a bunch of f#@%ing immature 12-year-old stream-sniping pieces of sh#t. They have nothing going for them in life, so all they do is just f$@#ing cheat."

Those are some harsh words, to say the least.

There has been a lot of controversy in the Fortnite Championship Series as of late, with top streamers accusing each other of stream sniping.

Another example of some Fortnite drama is where Epic scrubbed FaZe Dubs from Fortnite leaderboard due to alleged teaming, which could possibly be what Tfue is referring to when he talks about cheaters in the game.

It is clear Tfue is unhappy with how things are going in the Fortnite community in his opinion. It is a bit strange how he uses age as an insult when talking about stream snipers while calling Valorant a "boring old man's game", isn't it?