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Twitch streamer banned after accidentally firing gun on stream

Call Of Duty streamer Carl Riemer has been banned from Twitch and dropped from his organisation after accidentally firing a gun while broadcasting.
Twitch streamer banned after accidentally firing gun on stream
  • Carl Riemer has been banned from Twitch after accidentally firing a gun on stream
  • He's since released an apology video claiming he was drunk, but still calling his actions "stupid"
  • He's also been dropped from his organisation SoaR Gaming

Carl Riemer, who is known for streaming Call Of Duty, has had his Twitch account suspended after firing a handgun while on stream.  

While broadcasting on the platform, Riemer pretended to threaten someone by picking up the gun, remarking “say I ain’t got money”, while pulling back on the slide twice.  

Believing the pistol isn’t loaded, he fires and ends up blasting through cups on his desk – with the bullet ricocheting and breaking his monitor. You can check out the moment below. 

In an apology video uploaded on YouTube after the incident, Riemer explained how he’s been suspended from Twitch and deserves “every bit of backlash” against him.  

“I was clearly intoxicated but the fact of the matter is whether sober or intoxicated, guns are not a toy,” Riemer said. “Even if I’ve had the gun for two years, you can still do something stupid like that.” 


He added: “I’m sorry and I deserve everything, every bit of backlash.”

Riemer has also been dropped from esports organisation SoaR Gaming, who tweeted: “We do not condone the actions on livestream by Carl last night.  

“He has been removed from the SoaR Gaming roster effective immediately.” 

It’s unclear if Riemer will be allowed back on Twitch in the future, although he explains he’ll likely begin streaming on YouTube if that’s the case.  

Riemer joins Fortnite pro Daniel "Dubs" Walsh on this week's Twitch ban list, after he used the n-word while on somebody else's stream. 

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