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Street Fighter 6: How to Unlock and Change Fighting Styles In World Tour

Learning from the masters in Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode will take some patience as you work through the missions to unlock and change your fighting style.
Street Fighter 6: How to Unlock and Change Fighting Styles In World Tour

Street Fighter 6 sees the inclusion of an immersive single-player RPG experience where your own custom avatar will star, meeting legendary fighters and learning their fighting styles. However, it’s not as easy as opening a menu and just switching styles in the new game mode. Changing your custom character’s fighting style will take some investment into the story and require you to work through a number of chapters or the odd side quest to unlock Ryu and Co.’s martial methods.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to go about unlocking fighting styles from the roster of SF6 characters you’ll meet in World Tour mode and the many values you can get from engaging with a number of different styles.

How to Unlock Different Fighting Styles in Street Fighter 6 World Tour

As mentioned, unlocking different fighting styles for your custom avatar requires you to take part in the RPG mode, World Tour. Once you’ve met with a legendary fighter and they’ve taken you under their wing, you’ll even be able to take their style with you into the Battle Hub lobbies too for some Avatar Battles.

The fun thing about unlocking the 18 different styles is your ability to mix and match special moves from other characters onto a base character’s style. For example, choosing Cammy as your base style will grant you all of her regular normals, with the option to switch to different corresponding special moves like Ryu’s Hadoken or Marisa’s Gladius instead of Cammy’s usual Spiral Arrow. This opens up the door for some wild combinations that only your character will be able to pull off.


Complete The Story and Side Missions

Your main method of acquiring new fighting styles in Street Fighter 6 will be by plowing your way through the main and side quests. Most of the legendary fighters will pop up as part of the regular story beats, but it’s up to you to speak to them directly to request their mentorship. Thankfully it’s just as easy as saying “Please teach me!” to each and every fighter once you meet them, however, some characters might only unlock at a later chapter or via a side quest first, even if you’ve bumped into them prior. 

Use Tickets to Travel and Meet Legendary Fighters

You’ll need to make full use of the world map in Street Fighter 6 to make sure you meet each and every fighter across the globe, which requires tickets to travel to and from each location (it’s free to return to Metro City). You can earn more tickets simply by speaking to a merchant or by completing Lock challenges against certain NPCs across each area, simply engaging in the main story should earn you more than enough though, unless you’re a very frequent flier. We’d recommend making your life easier getting around each of the larger more sandbox areas like Metro City and Old Nayshall by taking advantage of Fast Travel.


Change Styles via the Status Menu

Once you’ve unlocked the style your heart desires from your favorite fighter, switching is as easy as opening up your device, heading to the Status Menu, and switching under the very first option beneath the Gear tab. Make sure you move across to the Skills tab afterward to assign your personalized specials and supers. If you’re wondering why you don’t have access to specific specials or super moves from that fighter, it’s likely because you haven’t built up your XP by leveling their style rank up. Doing so will eventually grant more of their signature moves.

And that just about does it for World Tour and changing your fighting style, be sure to take a look at our full Street Fighter 6 character tier list and see where your faves stand.