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Every Street Fighter 6 Game Mode Explained

Street Fighter 6 is the series' biggest and best entry, offering a whole host of game modes, minigames, and a brand-new single-player experience.
Every Street Fighter 6 Game Mode Explained

Street Fighter 6 is Capcom’s latest entry to the legendary fighting series and while different game modes have always been a staple in almost every popular fighting game, SF6 takes its first step toward a more RPG-laden focus. At the same time, plenty of classic Capcom arcade games have been included elsewhere in the game, along with fun multiplayer modes that have hints of Super Smash Bros. to them - there’s a whole host of content to engage with in Street Fighter’s biggest playground yet.

If you’re still getting to grips with finding where to start your world warrior journey first, we’ll explain each game mode available in Street Fighter 6 and what you can do in every one of them right here.

How Many Game Modes are in Street Fighter 6?

There are a total of three main game modes in Street Fighter 6: Battle Hub for online lobby play, Fighting Ground for on- and offline play and training, and the new RPG mode, World Tour. Whether you prefer battling the CPU in Arcade mode, competing against other players in ranked matches, or you’re looking for a new single-player experience in the world of Street Fighter, this series entry has you covered across the board. Here’s what you need to know about each mode.

Battle Hub


When booting up Street Fighter 6, you’ll be presented with the Battle Hub front and center, where you can head online and compete against other players in casual or ranked matches and tournaments in vibrant lobbies through which you can pilot your own custom avatar and throw out the odd Spinning Bird Kick. 

Not only can you face-off in standard matches, but arcade machines featuring cabinet classics like Final Fight and Street Fighter 2 Turbo can also be played. You’ll find shops to purchase custom clothing for your avatar and can engage in standard lobby chat and Avatar Battles with other players between matches, and can even start your own club.

Fighting Ground


The Fighting Ground mode focuses strictly on the combat offerings available in Street Fighter 6, it’s where you’ll be able to set up both offline 1v1s or jump straight into some ranked and casual online matches if the Battle Hub’s not your favorite place to hang. Of course, it wouldn’t be a fighting game without an arcade mode, where you’ll experience each character’s story in SF6, and if you’re not ready for battle, you can jump right into training mode with extensive character and combo guides. 

Lastly, you’ll find quick access to Extreme Battle, a chaotic, Smash Bros-like mode where various Capcom mascots and items will appear and cause havoc and special effects throughout the matches, which even switch up win conditions and more.

World Tour


Last but not least is World Tour, a first in Street Fighter’s history. World Tour mode offers a single-player, pseudo open world-focused experience starring your personal in-game avatar, where you’ll meet the legendary fighters of Street Fighter 6, choose your own fighting style while learning from your master and leveling up various RPG-like stats and customizable gear. Like any good role-playing experience, there’s quite a bit of content in World Tour mode to sink your teeth into.

And that’s about it for every game mode in Street Fighter 6, be sure to take a look at our full character tier list.