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Subnautica: Below Zero - Where to find rubies

Rubies are a hot commodity in Subnautica: Below Zero that is a bit difficult to find.
Subnautica: Below Zero - Where to find rubies

One of the main goals in Subnautica: Below Zero is to go deeper and deeper into the vast ocean of Planet 4546B. The various biomes in the world beckon for you to explore them but some are simply too far down at certain points during your adventure. 

To get around this, you need to start upgrading your vehicles and equipment. This includes a higher capacity oxygen tank and upgrades to the Prawn Suit and Seatruck. The former is relatively easy to do, as the story almost forces you to find better tanks. However, upgrading the vehicles is a whole different monster. 

In order to get the vehicles to go deeper, you need to craft depth modules. These are extremely vital to progressing the story but you need one key resource to gain access to the modules, and that’s a ruby. 

Finding rubies in Subnautica: Below Zero

Rubies are needed to craft the mark one depth module for the Prawn Suit and the mark two depth module for the Seatruck. If you want to go deeper into the ocean and find those better resources, you need multiple rubies to do so. Of course, the gems have other uses in Subnautica: Below Zero, like crafting aerogel, but that’s their main use. 

Subnautica Below Zero RubiesThe area inside of the Koppa Mining Sites. (Picture: Unknown Worlds)

To find rubies, players can find them located on rock walls and on the seabed of various biomes. They’re also found in large deposits, many of which are located at the Koppa Mining Sites. To extract them from the deposit, you need to have a Prawn Suit drill arm. 

For players that don’t have that upgrade yet, you need to stick to picking them up one at a time. To see what biomes hold rubies on their walls and beds, check out the list below: 

  • Crystal Caves 
  • Deep Lilypads Caves
  • East Arctic 
  • Lilypads Crevice
  • Tree Spires
  • Large Tree Spire

Rubies are bright red, so you should be able to spot them right away. Just make sure you’re vigilant when swimming around in the above biomes and you should find them in bunches.