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Smash caster D1 denies accusations of sexual harassment, new one emerges

D1 was accused of having sexual relations with a drunk 18-year-old and starting rumours about their encounter across the Smash community.
Smash caster D1 denies accusations of sexual harassment, new one emerges

Former Smash Melee and Ultimate caster D'Ron "D1" Maingrette has issued a new response (both written and as a YouTube video) to allegations of sexual misconduct made back in July 2020 against him, claiming that the "accusations are factually false and came from a place of hurt individuals."

The biggest accusation against D1 was made by KTDominate, who issued a statement retelling a sexual encounter with the caster while she was 18-years-old. 

In her original account, she explains that D1 took advantage of her being under the influence, not giving him consent, and subsequently starting rumours that she was "disgusting" and "some kind of cheap whore that got passed around the community."

D1 apologized for not stepping in during this timeframe to clear out any falsehoods, however, he denied being the source of the rumours in the first place, as he allegedly spent the day following the encounter cleaning his hotel room after a party he organized for the Smash community to take his mind off of the 2016 United States election results.

"Due to the room situation, I was indisposed most, if not all of the day, and by KT’s account when she got to the venue earlier that day there were already rumors. With this time frame considered it would have been at best, highly unlikely for me to have been the one to start these rumors. At worst, nearly impossible."

D1's initial response back in 2020, which has now since been deleted, explained that he "had zero recollection" of what had transpired the night before, having to piece together an entire investigation from second-hand retellings. 

The former caster would also address a couple more accusations that came out soon following KT's statement, first up Daycia, who not only accused D1 of "emotional manipulation" but of allegedly making a drunk girl uncomfortable alongside other commentators during Genesis 2017, a situation he denied occurring.

"The same girl made mention that one of the alleged smash players kept her safe that entire weekend. There was no harm inflicted on that girl, and it seems like Daycia had a wrong interpretation of whatever she saw."

genesis 7 d1 accusation
(A statement provided by the alleged victim, according to D1. Picture: D1)

Another anonymous accuser, who was 19-years-old when the events transpired, stated that D1 "coerced" her "into having intimate relations with him," a situation that once again, the commentator denied, stating that it was her initiating any sort of contact.

"As I am sitting in my chair away from the bed, and near one of the corners of the room adjacent to the window, she walks towards me and sits in my lap. From there she got rather aggressive, and things escalated from there."

New accusations against D1 emerge

A day after D1 published his new statement on 15th July, Sesh "Seshy" Evans posted a Twitlonger about her own experiences with the caster, explaining that she held off from doing so last year in hopes she didn't have to revisit such a worrying moment.

Comparing her experiences with that of KT's, Seshy revealed that D1 drunkenly tried to force a sexual encounter after stating they could no longer remain "friends with benefits" as she was starting a serious relationship with someone else.

The event, which occurred while both were attending E3 2017, happened at D1's hotel room, according to Seshy. "He was very drunk. We get to his room and he pulls me in, he goes straight to the bathroom and I sit on the bed and order my lyft immediately."

D1 sexual assault
(Picture: D1)

She adds: "He comes out of the restroom completely naked and I start to stand but he pushes me down before I could and rips off my stockings, actually ripping them. I say 'no don’t' then he forcing his head between my legs and that was the moment I realized that I was in a situation that was either him or me. 

Seshy explains that she managed to convince D1 to simply cuddle and left the room as soon as he passed out. "He had spooned me and was slowing down, it did not take long for him to fall asleep. I was amazed and thrilled it worked. I left as soon as could and just in time for my lyft to arrive."

D1 has yet to issue a response to this last statement.