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Smash Melee and Ultimate caster D1 responds to sexual assault allegations: "I should have never gotten so drunk"

D1, one of the most well known Smash commentators, claims he has no recollection of the events and apologised to the victim.
Smash Melee and Ultimate caster D1 responds to sexual assault allegations: "I should have never gotten so drunk"

The Smash community has been turned upside down due to the severe allegations against prominent members of the scene, with caster D'Ron "D1" Maingrette being one of those accused of sexual assault.


D1 answers to accusations
(Picture: D1)


Hours after the claims against him were made public by KTDominate, D1 posted a Twitlonger in which he states having no memory of the events, blaming it all on alcohol, and how he completely blacked out that evening.



“There are numerous accounts about what transpired at that event, and sadly that night I had zero recollection the next morning. I was at a party with everyone in a ballroom near the venue and woke up the next day alone in my room and bathroom being in disarray. I was only able to piece everything together via second-hand accounts. I can't even remember leaving the ballroom, nor when she left my room,” he stated.

He would then mention Ultimate pro players MVD (boyfriend of KTDominate at the time) and ESAM, saying how they all agreed about the situation being "too nebulous" since no one could properly address what transpired.

"To reiterate, I couldn't consent to the act on my part, and everyone that knows me knows that I am not that kind of person. MVD was a great mediator and assisted with setting up the opportunity to clear the air. I could not provide a truth beyond what happened prior and after her being in my hotel room, all I could do was validate her feelings and apologize in the end."

Read his full statement below:


d1 makes statement blames alcohol D1 drunk
D1 statement sexual assault smash
(Credit: @xD1x)


ESAM would deny the mutual agreement part which D1 stated took place amongst all parties, saying he held him accountable for several years following the incident.



“Let me be clear. I did NOT say what he did wasn't bad because he was drunk. I literally did not forgive him and warned others about him until he apologized to KT privately, which was YEARS after.”


D1 accused of sexual assault

The allegations from KTDominate describe D1 and her having intercourse following heavy drinking, with vague memories of the act itself. However, KTDominate points out that the commentator allegedly "bragged" about them getting together, painting her as nasty due to vomiting while having sex.



“You bragged. You told everyone that we ‘fucked’ and that I was ‘disgusting and vomited all over you’ and I was some kind of cheap whore that got passed around the community. I never consented to one. thing. with you, and you made me out to be some kind of gross teenager. I had just turned 18. It’s hard not to think of you as a pedophile, but instead just a rapist.” Since the incident took place on November 11th, 2016, on KT's 18th birthday, this meant D1 was 30-years-old at the time of the incident.

Being an official Nintendo ambassador, no statement from the company has been made at the time of writing.

D1 is one of the many recent accusations against casters in the Smash community, with Keitaro confirming his involvement with an underage girl and Cinnpie engaging in a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old pro player while she was 24.