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Smash Melee pro Hungrybox becomes Team Liquid co-owner

Hungrybox joined Liquid in 2015 and has served as a prolific pro player and content creator.
Smash Melee pro Hungrybox becomes Team Liquid co-owner

In a shocking bit of news, Smash Melee pro player and Twitch content creator Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma has announced he is now a co-owner of Team Liquid.

The news, shared via social media by Hbox himself, will see the 28-year-old become part of a new wave of investors handpicked by Team Liquid leaders, according to InvenGlobal. Other prominent names include CS: GO player Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski and actor Asa Butterfield.

"Smash isn’t just a game - it’s a pathway. As Liquid’s now longest-tenured athlete, this opportunity of leadership is one I’ve sought after since 2015," Hbox wrote via Twitter.

While Hungrybox is in fact not Liquid's longest-serving active pro player, that would be Starcraft 2's Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz, he has been representing the org since he was signed in 2015, cementing his place as one of the Five Gods of Melee in the process. 

Hbox has been a mainstay since 2015.
Hbox has been a Liquid mainstay since 2015. (Picture: Team Liquid)

With six CEO belts, two The Big House, Pound, Get On My Level trophies, one Evo championship, as well as a Genesis victory on his trophy case, to name a few of his accomplishments, Hungrybox has also become a prominent content creator on both Twitch and YouTube.

According to Team Liquid CEO, Steve Arhancet, Hungrybox will continue to make content and compete for the organisation, with the added that he'll be a part of a "consultant team" that will provide feedback for Liquid if needed when it comes to making big decisions that could have company-wide repercussions.

Hbox is one of Melee's Five Gods.
Hbox is one of Melee's Five Gods. (Picture: Team Liquid)


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