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10.1B patch sees Sivir, Yorick and Lucian changes

Three champions will be hit in the upcoming small patch before the next big TFT changes after their carry potential has taken over the game meta.
10.1B patch sees Sivir, Yorick and Lucian changes

Teamfight Tactics fans might need to develop some new strategies as Patch 10.1B seeks to change some of the most popular carry champions in Rise of the Elements.

While the March 2020 mobile release and upcoming Set 3 are on the horizon, there is still enough time for nerfs to overpowered champions in the current selection.

A video by Riot Mort ran through the adjustments to the champions, explaining that these changes are designed to "breathe some life into the meta" as certain compositions including them have been recently dominating on the server.

All of the details regarding Patch 10.1B changes can be found below:


  • Spell Scaling: 10+8* Attack Speed to 10+4* Attack Speed

Lucian and Senna have been a powerful duo while Light compositions using Lucian and new origin Lunar have has been a highly effective composition in the current meta.

With a reduction from 16 total shots to 13 initially equal to an 8% decrease, Lucian will scale with Light's buff but will not be as potent as he was before.



  • Ricochet no longer procs off of Hurricane Bolts or Berserker Axe procs

This small change is designed to bring down some of Sivir's uncounterable power that had been enhanced with the right selection of items.

Additional changes will be hitting classes like Blademaster in Patch 10.2, so it might be worth resisting relying a Sivir composition for the near-future.


  • Ghoul HP: 600/1000/2000 to 500/800/2000
  • Ghoul AD: 100/200/300 to 100/175/250

9.23 almost saw changes, but now he is a strong fit in multiple compositions and was due for a nerf.

His three Light Walkers provided 3000 additional HP to a team via 'revived' champions and Guardian Angel could allow a second cast.

This strength damaged Light builds as they require Yorick but he became difficult to acquire and sufficiently level.

Teamfight Tactics' Patch 10.1B will go live around 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET / 12:00 PST).