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Teamfight Tactics - the best team compositions

We take a look at the best Teamfight Tactics team compositions after update 10.3 shaked things up, including the Poison Rangers, Shadow Summoners and more.
Teamfight Tactics - the best team compositions

The Teamfight Tactics 10.3 update shook things up as Riot Games made some big changes. Not only did the update buff and nerf several champions but it also made getting a Spatula much harder.

Prior to update 10.3, many of the best Teamfight Tactics team compositions heavily relied on the acquisition of Spatulas. Now, we take a look at what the best Teamfight Tactics team compositions could be after the update.

The Poison Rangers

The Poison Rangers, in various iterations, has been a comp staple of the meta for quite some time. Unlike most other top tier Teamfight Tactics team compositions in version 10.2, this comp doesn't rely on the Spatula. It is therefore very likely that this will continue to be one of the top tier comps for the foreseeable future.

The Poison Rangers comp is relatively item-dependant, meaning that you will need to pick up some early Statikk Shivs for Ashe and build towards an Infinity Edge for Twitch. These are your two main carries sitting on the backline if you can find them. The basic idea of this comp is to have four Rangers (or two rangers and two upgrade units) as well as two Wardens on the frontlines.

In the early game, just look for any Rangers and Wardens until you find the perfect Teamfight Tactics team comp in the following:

  • Taric (frontline)
  • Malphite (frontline)
  • Singed (provides the poison in mid)
  • Dr Mundo (more poison in mid to back)
  • Ashe (main carry in - backline)
  • Twitch (alternative main carry - backline)
  • Kindred (additional ranger - backline)
  • Ezreal (additional ranger - backline)


The Poison Rangers comp (Credit: Mobalytics Team Builder)

For your main carries, you will need to focus on creating Statikk Shivs for Ashe. For Twitch, you will build towards an Infinity Edge or two. Alternatively, you can go for the Last Whisperer item. Keep in mind that you need to try and strike a balance between kitting out your two carries.

Six Inferno

If you want to watch the world burn, then the Six Inferno Teamfight Tactics team composition is the one for you. This comp has stuck around for a long time after it gained a lot of popularity in update 9.24B. It is one of our personal favourites as it doesn't rely heavily on offensive items to get the damage out.

To make this comp work, you will need to find some defensive items early on in a match. Ideally, you would also need to find some good Inferno champions, such as Kindred or Zyra. If you manage to get any Warden (for the frontline and holding defensive items for Amumu) you can start win streaking early on. The goal in the mid-game is to get the Kindred and Varus combo up, while you slowly progress to level 7 or 8 for those legendary units.

The ideal Six Inferno comp will look something like this:

  • Amumu (frontline Inferno / Warden - main carry)
  • Kindred (backline Inferno / Ranger - secondary carry)
  • Varus - (backline Inferno / Ranger )
  • Diana - (backline Inferno / Assassin)
  • Annie - (backline Inferno / Summoner with Guardian Angel item)
  • Zyra - (backline Inferno / Summoner)
  • Nautilus (backline Warden)
  • Nami (backline Mystic)


The Six Inferno comp (Credit: Mobalytics Team Builder)

Amumu is the main carry of this Teamfight Tactics team composition. Your primary items for Amumu should be Dragon's Claw and Guardian Angel, with Morellonomicon to dish out burn damage. For Annie, you will also want to get a Guardian Angel when possible. Kindred should get a Locket of the Iron Solari as well as a Seraph's Embrace when possible. It is always important to remain flexible, for example, if you can't find enough Inferno, you can always use some Shadow Rangers.

Shadow Summoners

Another of our personal favourite Teamfight Tactics team compositions is the Shadow Summers. This comp relies heavily on Kindred dishing out the damage. It is not all that affected by the Spatula nerf, which makes it arguably one of the best comps after the 10.3 update. In the early game, you can open with a wide variety of options, including any Inferno, Ranger, or even Light and Woodland champions.

It is important to note that for this comp to work, you will need to find the correct items early on. If you get a few Tears of the Goddess, you will be on the right track, as your main carry, Kindred, needs both Seraph's Embrace and Rabadon for this comp to work effectively. This comp relies mostly on offensive items, but don't be shy to get a Dragon's Claw or Bramble Vest to counter enemy teams.

The ideal Shadow Summoners comp is the following:

  • Nautilus (midline Warden)
  • Thresh (midline Warden)
  • Yorick (midline Summoner)
  • Sion (backline Beserker)
  • Annie (backline Inferno / Summoner)
  • Kindred (backline Shadow / Inferno Ranger - main carry)
  • Malzahar (backline Shadow Summoner)
  • Varus (Backline Inferno Ranger)

Best teamfight tactics team compositions

The Shadow Summoners comp (Credit: Mobalytics Team Builder)

With this Teamfight Tactics team composition, you will always look out for three-star units for Kindred and Malzahar. Keep in mind that Kindred is your main carry and will get a massive power spike in the midgame.

Closing Thoughts

While the Poison Rangers will likely remain one of the best Teamfight Tactics compositions for a long time due to its flexibility and not relying on the Spatula, one simply cannot fully predict how the meta will change.

Update 10.3 is still relatively new and there's a lot of theorycrafting to be done. However, these three picks for the best Teamfight Tactics team compositions should put you on the right path for some wins this season.

Honourable mentions include Behold the Light due to Lucian buffs in update 10.3, and Slam Berserkers, if you can get a Spatula to give Olaf a Youmuu’s Ghostblade.