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A guide to Glacial: Spilling the TFTea

Glacial is a powerful element that allows you to stop opponents in their tracks and secure the win in a block of ice. This is all you need to know about Glacial and how to achieve success with it.

Teamfight Tactics' second set of champions came with the Rise of the Elements update that also changed League of Legends' iconic Summoner's Rift map.

Glacial is one of the many elements within the Rise of the Elements Teamfight Tactics set, allowing for strong builds around its core champions and it can also be used as a supporting element alongside many others in the game for those depending on their spells.

As in the first set, the Glacial bonus sees basic attacks from its champions have a chance to stun their target for one and a half seconds. While this seems like a short amount of time, rounds are quick in this set and a second or two can make all the difference.

The bonus activates on two, four and six champions:

  • Two = 20% chance to stun
  • Four = 35% chance to stun
  • Six = 50% chance to stun

The five champions below are the initial Glacial options with their cost, second class and stats for their ultimates listed:


Glacial / Predator

Cost: 1 Gold

Ultimate: Infinite Duress - Warwick pounces on the weakest enemy, stunning them for one and a half seconds and striking them three times, dealing 200/450/700 magic damage. Each strike triggers on-hit effects and heals Warwick for 100% of the damage dealt.



Glacial / Warden

Cost: 2 Gold

Ultimate: Unbreakable - Braum puts up his shield for four seconds, absorbing and stopping all incoming missiles and reducing his damage taken from that direction by 70%/80%/90%.



Glacial / Berserker / Electric

Cost: 2 Gold

Ultimate: Frenzied Bite - Volibear bites his target, dealing 200/450/850 magic damage. If the target is below 35% health, Frenzied Bite kills the target and fully restores Volibear's mana.



Glacial / Ranger

Cost: 3 Gold

Ultimate: Ice Shot - Ezreal fires a shard of ice at the lowest-health enemy, dealing 200/400/800 magic damage and applying on-hit effects.



Glacial / Berserker

Cost: 4 Gold

Ultimate: Ragnarok - Olaf gains 100%/150%/300% attack speed, up to 50% lifesteal based on missing health, and immunity to crowd control for the rest of the round.

Build Guide

Glacial is frequent enough with low-cost champions so it won't be too hard to utilise the two unit bonus in the early game thanks to Warwick, Volibear and Braum.

In order to get the full six champion bonus, you will need to use a Frozen Mallet on a non-Glacial champions or find a Glacial Lux which counts 2x for the element.

This item can be made with a Spatula and a Giant's Belt, dropped as a full item or found in carousels following the raptors.

 + =

Glacial itself will be unaffected by Patch 10.2 but there are other changes coming to classes, champions and items that could shift the balance for this element. Olaf will see his attack speed reduced from 0.85 to 0.8 while Ezreal will see buffs that increase his HP from 600 to 650 and spell damage from 200/400/800 to 225/450/900.

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