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A guide to Mech-Pilot: Spilling the TFTea

Mech-Pilots use teamwork to combine into a strong singular ally Super-Mech that dominates the Convergence. This is all you need to know about Mech-Pilot and how to achieve success with it.
A guide to Mech-Pilot: Spilling the TFTea

Teamfight Tactics' third set, Galaxies, brought new and returning champions with classes and origins that differ from previous sets.

Back in the original TFT set, Elementalist allowed for a Golem to be summoned as its three champion trait bonus and the Mech-Pilot origin is a step up from that.

In Galaxies, Mech-Pilots can combine into a Super-Mech at the start of combat when all three are active on the board. The Super-Mech has the combined health, attack damage and traits of its pilots as well as three random items from among them. When the Super-Mech dies the pilots are ejected, granted 25 mana and continue to fight.

There are only three Mech-Pilot champions currently available in Galaxies and all come from the Super Galaxy skinline:

  • Annie
  • Fizz
  • Rumble

Below is a full breakdown of the trio of champions including their costs, classes and stats.



Mech-Pilot / Protector

Cost: 2 Gold

Skin: Super Galaxy

Ability: Galaxy Shield-Blast = Annie blasts a cone of fire dealing magic damage to enemies in front of her, then creates a shield for herself for four seconds.



Mech-Pilot  / Protector

Cost: 3 Gold

Skin: Super Galaxy

Ability: Flamespitter = Rumble torches his enemies, dealing magic damage over three seconds, and reducing healing on them by 50% for five seconds.



Mech-Pilot  / Infiltrator

Cost: 4 Gold

Skin: Super Galaxy

Ability: Chum the Waters = Fizz throws a lure that attracts a shark, causing it to emerge after a brief delay. It deals magic damage to enemies caught, knocking them back and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.


(Credit: Riot Games)

Build Guide

As only three champions are needed for Mech-Pilots to reach their own full potential, having a solid build around them will be essential.

Items you want to have on the Super-Mech need to be on Annie, Fizz or Rumble but having full items on them will leave some unused until the very end of many rounds as only three go onto the Super-Mech. Health items, Hextech Gunblade and Guardian Angel will help get the most out of it as well as a second chance if it is taken down early.

As all equipped items will be returned in full to the Mech-Pilots once ejected, it is important to also consider the individual survival and potential of each champion.

With items being crucial to the survivability of the Super-Mech and the Pilots once they are ejected, it is important to know them well. For more information on how Set 3 has changed items in Teamfight Tactics, click here for a guide to all of the new items Galaxies introduced in Patch 10.6.