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TFT 8.5 Midset Changes, Explained

Set 8.5 for Teamfight Tactics is here and we take a look at all the changes for this midset.
TFT 8.5 Midset Changes, Explained

It is that time of the year again. Teamfight Tactics has completed the cycle for Set 8 and now we are in the midset of the game. Right now, players are enjoying TFT Set 8.5 and which is named Glitched Out. As usual with midsets, there will not be many changes that will completely change TFT but there will be enough that the game will feel fresh and new.

There are a couple of new mechanics that players will need to be aware of when they start playing set 8.5 of TFT. This is a brand-new patch as well which means there are plenty of changes to go over. Here, we are going to go over the major mechanic changes that players should be aware of for TFT Set 8.5.

Major Changes For Set 8.5 Of Team Fight Tactics

TFT Set 8.5
Vex is coming to Set 8.5 of TFT. (Picture: Riot Games)

As of right now, TFT is currently in patch 13.6. There are a lot of different changes with the champions, traits, and all of those smaller important details with the units but there are also some major changes that affect the flow of the game. In Set 8, Hero Augments were introduced. On top of Hero Augments, there is another major mechanic for Set 8.5.

The major mechanic update for Set 8.5 is called the Glitched Out Carousels. Starting from the second carousel in TFT, item carousels have a chance to be glitched out. That means that champions could be holding two item components, a champion duplicator, and a lot more other items. Sometimes, the carousels will not even be champions.

There is a chance that the champions will be component anvils, item eggs, or other items that are waiting to be discovered. This major change will give players more options during item carousels and will force players to think really fast about what they want because they will not know what will be coming. It adds another dimension for item carousels which is exciting for players.

Minor Changes For Set 8.5 Of TFT

TFT Set 8.5
TFT Set 8.5 will get plenty of cosmetic updates for players to get. (Picture: Riot Games)

Although the Glitched Out Carousels are the major mechanical change for Set 8.5 of TFT, there are some smaller changes that will definitely affect gameplay. During carousels, players will choose a champion and an item. Most of the time, the unit the item component is attached to will not match because it is random. Sometimes, you will be forced to avoid a good unit and item because they do not match.

Now when you pick a unit off the carousel, the item component will pop off of the champion. This is huge because now players can go for specific units on the carousel and not be stuck with an item that the unit cannot use. It is a small change, but one that will definitely affect how players go into carousels.