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A New Teamfight Tactics Game Mode And Lunar Event Is Coming

A brand new game mode and the Lunar event are coming to Teamfight Tactics.
A New Teamfight Tactics Game Mode And Lunar Event Is Coming

Set 8 of Teamfight Tactics is well underway, and players have been enjoying the new update for the game. There is a lot happening in the Monsters Attack set for TFT, and Riot Games is just getting started. Players have a lot more to look forward to during this set of TFT.

For example, players will soon be able to enjoy the new Lunar New Year event that is going to happen in TFT. This event will feature a new game mode and new cosmetics as well. When the new Patch of TFT comes out, everything will change, and players will have plenty to do in Teamfight Tactics.

TFT Lunar Gala Event Explained

TFT Lunar Event
Take a look at the House of the Golden Rabbit Arena. (Picture: Riot Games)

In TFT, Riot is creating what is known as the Lunar Gala event. This event is to help TFT players ring in the Lunar New Year, which is the Year of the Rabbit. This event will feature Chibi Panda Annie and players who need to help her throw a Gala Event.

During the Lunar Gala Event, players will be tasked with 15 different missions in TFT that they need to complete. These missions are often completed through regular gameplay, but there are going to be some missions that players need to look out for. In the end, players will receive 1 emote, 1600 pass XP, 100 Star Shards, and 1 Egg that has a guaranteed Lunar Revel-themed Little Legend.

On top of that, players will have the ability to purchase new Lunar Little Legends, a new Little Legend called Bun Bun, Chibi Annie, Chibi Panda Annie with a finisher animation, and a new board called the House of the Golden Rabbit Arena. There are a lot of cosmetics for the Lunar Gala event, so players should endeavor to get their hands on them.

What Is The New Fortune's Favor Game Mode In TFT?

TFT Lunar Event
Annie will be the featured champion during the Lunar Gala event in TFT. (Picture: Riot Games)

That is not all players will have to look forward to in TFT. During these events, players usually do not have any new gameplay to look forward to during this time. That has now changed as a new game mode is coming to TFT. It is called Fortune's Favor.

In Fortune's Favor, the goal is the same as usual. Build your strongest board and battle it out with other players. But that is not all. Players will start out with a 4 or 5-cost unit instead of a 1-cost unit. On top of that, players will be often dropped items from the Golden Bun Bun. This Bun Bun will drop you item orbs that will contain Ornn Items, Training Dummies, Gold, and so much more.

Riot described the new game mode as the ability to play the clickbait thumbnails you see in TFT YouTube videos. You will create insanely powerful boards in an all-out battle to see who can come out on top.