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Riot Games Unveils Teamfight Tactics Monsters Attack Expansion

Riot Games has unveiled some details about Teamfight Tactics' newest chapter titled Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack!
Riot Games Unveils Teamfight Tactics Monsters Attack Expansion

Riot Games' Teamfight Tactics has been an enjoyable pastime for many as one of the most innovative and most-played PvP strategy games in the world. The game's most recent massive expansion, Dragonlands, has brought forth various new characters, dragons, and dragonmancers. That said, the time of the dragons has come to an end, and thus a new chapter will arrive in Teamfight Tactics next month. 

On 1st November 2022, Riot Games announced its upcoming chapter, Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! The expansion will be quite different from Teamfight Tactics: Dragonlands and completely depart from its theme, introducing players to the world of heroes, villains, and mysterious kaiju-scaled invaders. Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! will feature new elements to make gameplay even more perplexing, invigorating, and enthralling. So, are you ready to be the hero the planet desperately needs?

Update on November 4th, 2022: We checked for updates and found that there were no further changes to the contents of this article. We'll check for updates again on 11th November 2022.

What Is Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack!?

teamfight tactics dragonlands end pretty soon
Teamfight Tactics: Dragonlands will end pretty soon.

The last chapter Riot Games debuted in Teamfight Tactics was the Dragonlands update. It introduced tons of dragon and dragonmancer units, fresh augments, and even an altered version of the Dragon Treasure mechanic. Now with Teamfight Tactics: Dragonlands drawing to a close, Riot Games has unveiled its future plans for the PvP strategy game.

Teamfight Tactics' upcoming chapter is Monsters Attack! Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! features gigantic hero and anti-hero units embroiled in a desperate battle to protect the world from mysterious kaiju-scaled invaders. In this chapter, players can recruit a team of heroes and strategically upgrade and position them, all to protect the world under threat.

What Are The New Traits, Augments, And Features In Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack!?

teamfight tactics monsters attack
Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! will features tons of new features.

So what's new in this upcoming chapter? Well, this update is a bold new vision for Teamfight Tactics, reimagining everything from its art direction to its core gameplay. Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! will feature a new Threat Trait that veers away from Teamfight Tactics' familiar concepts of Traits.

Threats don't benefit from fielding other threats, and they have no other Traits. They're more powerful than other units, which compensates for their stripped-down vibe. Players can still field any number of them, which adds to their versatility. It also seems Bel'Veth and Fiddlesticks will be available units.

teamfight tactics monsters attack early december
Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! will arrive in early December.

Although Traits may come and go, some changing with each passing expansion, Augments are now a permanent part of Teamfight Tactics. However, their nature will change from set to set. In Monsters Attack! Players can build their own superhero each session thanks to all-new Hero Augments.

Hero Augments are a little different from other Augments across previous updates. Hero Augments don't spread their buffs across the entire team. Instead, players pick a single Hero Augment from a wide array of options, supercharging that particular champion. Invaders are also infiltrating PvE rounds in all-new battles, and these enemies drop anvils that let you choose an item or component.

For now, Riot Games has yet to release more in-depth information about Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! However, they recently dropped a YouTube video discussing the upcoming chapter and changes. For more information and sneak peeks at Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! gameplay and cosmetics, there is a brand new dev drop available below.


Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! will be available on the Public Beta Environment starting 15th November 2022, with a full release coming shortly afterward in early December

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All featured images are courtesy of Riot Games.