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Teamfight Tactics Neon Nights: Release date, Hextech Augments, Units, Little Legends, more

Here is everything you need to know about Neon Nights, the new mid-set update for Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos and Gadgets.
Teamfight Tactics Neon Nights: Release date, Hextech Augments, Units, Little Legends, more

The next stage on the Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos and Gadgets cycle is now upon us, as new champions and Little Legends from the toxic nation of Zaun will join the battle at the Convergence, as part of its new mid-set expansion. Coming in League’s patch 12.4, Neon Nights is set to bring many changes into Riot’s auto battler

Neon Nights feature Teamfight Tactics' largest roster swap to date and the debut of its first-ever exclusive champion, with a familiar face coming right from the acclaimed animated series, Arcane.

So now, get ready to see with us everything that awaits you in Set 6.5 of Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos & Gadgets' Neon Nights.

New champions and traits for Neon Nights

As we mentioned earlier, the new mid-set update for TFT will be the largest ever seen since its inception, as it will feature more than 20 new units and three new champions traits to spice the current metagame.

Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets Neon Nights
Three new traits will shake the meta in TFT: Neon Nights. (Picture: Riot Games)

Most of the units from the start of the set will stay the same, however, some traits will have a couple of changes in order to make them more flexible for new comps.

Among some of the names you’ll see a lot in your next games we have Gnar, Morgana, Irelia, Syndra, Senna, and even Zeri, the most recent addition to League of Legends will make her TFT debut in this update.

The highlight of the set will be none other than Silco, the madman from Zaun and the powerful Chem-Baron, who after his appearance at Arcane will become TFT’s first exclusive unit, so while he won’t be seen at the Summoner’s Rift, his presence at the Convergence will be stronger than ever.

Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets Neon Nights
The powerful Silco will make his debut in Teamfight Tactics as an exclusive unit. (Picture: Riot Games)

Besides, there is also another Chem-Baroness who will appear in Neon Nights, in the form of Renata Glasc, a tycoon and innovator who is known for her inventions, and who thanks to her chemtech tools and intelligence will be unstoppable in the field.

As for traits, all of these will be based on both the animated series and also on some of the latest skin releases, with Hextech, Debonair, Striker, Socialite, Rival, and Mastermind taking the center stage.

To know all the new units and traits available in Neon Nights, as well as additional information about their effects and characteristics, you can see them all in our full champions preview.

New Hextech Augments for TFT

At the start of the set, players had the chance to try out a new mechanic known as the Hextech Augments, a series of bonuses that trigger within the battle that give you certain improvements based on your current composition.

In addition to its biggest mid-set roster swap to date, Neon Nights will bring over 80 new Hextech Augments, a new mysterious but lethal item, and a few other fun new gadgets.

Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets Neon Nights
First look at the new Edge of Night item. (Picture: Riot Games)

While we can’t say much about the new tools added as it would take some time, we will talk about the new item featured in this update, which will replace the good old Guardian Angel, the Edge of Night.

The Edge of Night will be a brand new anti-burst item, keeping the powerful aggro drop, but also giving it a clear visual power in the form of stealth that also sheds debuffs and afterwards grants an additional boon of attack speed, making it a perfect tool for the Assassins and any long-range unit.

Now, you can check all of the gadgets and gizmos included as part of the mid-set update in our complete Hextech Augments overview.

Introducing the Scouting Opponent Hint System

The most impactful updates to TFT will come with two experience changes that will be implemented with the mid-set, starting with the Scouting Opponent Hint System.

As there’s always a lot to do in the game, including keeping track of what opponents you’ve fought recently, to know who you are more likely to fight next, with the introduction of Neon Nights the developers decided to add a new tool that will make the life easier for all players.

Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets Neon Nights
Renata Glasc is also set to appear in Neon Nights, following the latest rumours and leaks reported. (Picture: Riot Games)

This will be a matchup tracker that will help everyone get a sense of their next opponents, however, as this will need a necessary improvement to the UI, its release is expected a bit after our initial mid-set’s release.

In the meantime, a new Hextech Augment called Future Sight will also bring some helpful opponent tracking, based on which tier you manage to get in the battle.

Riot will also update the end of game match history to show Augments that players have chosen, and allow more units to be displayed for cases where players have a couple Tactician’s Crowns from a Mercenary cashout, letting players scroll through their match history and examine their choices for later matches.

Little Legends and new content

Last but not least, with the release of a new mid-set, there is also going to be a ton of new Little Legends and Arenas available, either as part of the next Battle Pass or through the in-game store.

Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets Neon Nights
The new skin for the River Sprite in Neon Nights. (Picture: Riot Games)

While this time we won’t have any Chibi Little Legends, a new Mythic Little Legend will be stealing the show during Neon Nights, with PROJECT Abyssia flaunting its new tech, and maybe “borrowing” some more.

In addition, all the Little Legends of Neon Nights will herald in a bright future to the fleeting light of tonight, with different new styles and skins for the Sprite, Lightecharger, Nixie, QiQi and Fenroar based on Hextech, Pulsefire, Arcade, and more.

You can get a first look at all the new additions in our new Little Legends and Arenas preview.

Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets Neon Nights
One of the new Arenas available in the mid-set update is based on a robot fight stadium. (Picture: Riot Games)

And with this, our first preview to the new mid-set of Teamfight Tactics is over, so get ready for a new battle at the Convergence, when all this arrives in League of Legends as part of its patch 12.4, on 16th February.

But if you can’t wait anymore, everything you saw here will be available on its PBE server starting 1st February.

Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.