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Top Five Augments In Teamfight Tactics

Here are the current best Augments in Teamfight Tactics right now.
Top Five Augments In Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is a game that has a lot of depth into it. The reason why the game has so much depth is because of all the different variables that are thrown in the game on top of the randomness. Players have to navigate the random items, units, mechanics, and other factors for the game.

One of the random variables that players have to look out for is the random Augments. Augments can drastically affect how each game is played. The augments you get could help you decide what composition you will want to use and what direction to take your game. Although the power levels vary with each patch, here are the best augments in TFT right now.

What Are The Best Augments In TFT?

TFT Augments
Knowing which Augments are good in TFT is very important to win your games. (Picture: Riot Games)

As we have said, Augments are pretty random. Although there are set intervals, you can end up with silver, gold, prismatic, or hero augments. Their power can vary with every patch of TFT. For the sake of this list, we will not cover Hero Augments, as those are usually best when you have a comp in mind. With that being said, here are the best Augments in TFT.

Underground Heart/Soul

The Underground augments are great especially when it is the first Augment you can pick from. The reason why they are so good is that Underground is a trait where the more you have, the better rewards you will get later in the game. To get to the better rewards faster, you will need more Underground units. If you are good enough, you will have a payout that nearly guarantees that you will win.

Anima Squad Heart/Crest/Crown

This is another trait Augment that follows the Anima Squad line. Anima Squad is very strong with units like Miss Fortune. But to really have the power you need, you need 7 Anima Squad and the only way to get that is if you have an extra one from an Augment or a crest. The best part is that Anima Squad Crest can fit on any unit, making them much more powerful.

Built Different III

Built Different III is a unique Augment to get. This Augment makes your units on your board with no active traits much stronger. That means that you can run 3 Ace units and get a major boost in power through Built Different III. This Augment requires some unique thinking but the payout is usually a top 4.

March of Progress

March of Progress is a Prismatic Augment that really requires you to rethink how you want to approach your game. You can no longer buy EXP, and instead, you will gain more EXP naturally. With this Augment, all of your gold can be focused on buying units, making your economy easier to manage. Just be aware that you can get outpaced if you do not know what you are doing.

Wise Spending

Wise Spending is another Augment that makes economic management a lot easier. You will now gain EXP every time you refresh your shop. That means that each roll of the shop gets you to a higher level, meaning less money is spent buying EXP, bringing you closer to level 9. The sooner you get to level 9, the sooner you will get your board as strong as it possibly can be.

Should I Always Use The Top 5 Augments In TFT?

TFT Augments
Sometimes you will need to pass on top-performing Augments in TFT. (Picture: Riot Games)

The easy and simple answer is no; you should not always use the top 5 Augments. Although these are the highest-performing Augments in TFT, there are very low odds you will get these Augments in any given game. So relying on finding these augments in the first place is not a smart play.

But even if you do find these Augments, you need to understand what kind of position you are in before picking them up. If one of the Anima Squad Augments appears on Stage 3-2, but you have a full Lasercorps board, picking up the Anima Squad Augment is not a good idea. Just try to understand your position and use that as guidance on what you need to do.