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A guide to Valkyrie: Spilling the TFTea

Three Valkyries will be choosing death for your opponents in battle with enhanced spells and attacks. This is all you need to know about Valkyrie and how to achieve success with it.
A guide to Valkyrie: Spilling the TFTea

Teamfight Tactics' third set, Galaxies, brought new and returning champions with classes and origins that differ from previous sets.

One of these origins is Valkyrie. In Galaxies, Valkyrie champions are from one of the newest origins, which provides one of the more unique trait bonuses.

This bonus triggers with two Valkyrie champions on the field, making their attacks and spells always critically hit targets below 50% health.

It is most similar to Predator from Rise of the Elements that saw its buff synergy allow them to instantly kill enemies below 25% max HP.

There are three Valkyrie champions currently available in Galaxies:

  • Kai'Sa
  • Kayle
  • Miss Fortune

Below is a full breakdown of all of the trio of Valkyrie champions including their costs, classes and stats.



Valkyrie / Infiltrator

Cost: 2 Gold

Skin: Bullet Angel

Ability: Missile Rain = Kai'Sa launches missiles towards each nearby enemy that deal 50 magic damage each.



Valkyrie  / Blademaster

Cost: 4 Gold

Skin: Aether Wing

Ability: Ascend = Kayle Ascends, causing her attacks to launch waves that deal bonus magic damage until the end of combat.

Miss Fortune


Valkyrie / Blaster / Mercenary

Cost: 5 Gold

Skin: Gun Goddess

Ability: Bullet Time = Miss Fortune channels and fires waves of bullets in a cone for 2.25 seconds, dealing a percentage of enemies' maximum health in magic damage over the duration.


(Credit: Riot Games)

Build Guide

Kayle is a strong champion for many of the best compositions in the current meta due to her being able to deal damage from the backline which can only be countered by Infiltrators who are yet to emerge as a popular part of many builds. You can also use this to your advantage to acquire Kai'Sa in the early game.

Like any five-cost champion, Miss Fortune is as strong as she was back in Set 1 and her spell Bullet Time can melt enemy champions with ease even before upgrades appear in the shop. The right items equipped will make it hard for any builds to challenge you especially with the Valkyrie trait bonus in effect.

For more information on how Set 3 has changed items in Teamfight Tactics, click here for a guide to all of the new items Galaxies introduced in Patch 10.6.