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Where To Get Black Truffle In Tower Of Fantasy

Black Truffles are a rare cooking ingredient in Tower of Fantasy that you can only get in the Warren region Here's how to find it.
Where To Get Black Truffle In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy boasts a slew of puzzles and quests, meaning there's always something new for Wanderers to discover. Across the planet of Aida are also various resources Wanderers can find. Many are ingredients used in cooking recipes; some are ubiquitous, while others are hard to find.

Black Truffle is one such rare cooking ingredient that Wanderers can only find as they progress further in the game. This guide will explain all the locations of where to find Black Truffles in Tower of Fantasy, including how best to use them.

Where to find Black Truffles in Tower of Fantasy

black truffle farming route in tower of fantasy
Black Truffles can be farmed in the Warren Snowfield. (Picture: Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map / App Sample) 

Black Truffles are rare mushrooms that only grow in special areas in Tower of Fantasy. You can only get Black Truffles in the region of Warren, specifically the Warren Snowfield. You can see the location and Black Truffle farming route indicated in the image above.

This cooking ingredient might be hard to spot because of its small size and dark appearance; however, the game makes it easier to find Black Truffles by using a shiny glow orb to indicate its presence.

You can find and farm Black Truffles in the concave domes of Tower of Fantasy (see the image below). They aren’t spaced too far apart, so you can farm them relatively quickly using a vehicle like the Chaser mount to get you there faster. It would be best if you also were cautious when entering these concave domes, as aberrant enemies often lurk inside. 

black truffle locations tower of fantasy
You can find Black Truffle in these concave domes in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: YouTube / 100% Guides)

We should also note that Warren is a region with extremely high radiation levels in Tower of Fantasy; you should upgrade your Suppressors to at least V3.4 when navigating through this region; otherwise, you will take radiation damage.

How to use Black Truffles in Tower of Fantasy

Black Truffles are a cooking ingredient in Tower of Fantasy that can be consumed or cooked to regenerate 4 Satiety and restore up to 7% and 15,000 HP.

One of the recipes you can make using Black Truffle is Truffle Fried Rice; this recipe will regenerate 20 Satiety and increase Physical Attack by 2% and Physical Attack by 150 for 20 minutes. We've listed the ingredients for you below.

  • 1 Black Truffle
  • 1 Onion
  • 2 Rice

That concludes our guide on where to get Black Truffles in Tower of Fantasy. 

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studios.