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How To Get The Magnetic Rod In Tower Of Fantasy

The Magnetic Rod is a component required to craft the Chaser Mount in Tower of Fantasy. This guide details its location and how to find it.
How To Get The Magnetic Rod In Tower Of Fantasy

Hotta Studios' popular MMO Tower of Fantasy is finally available on global servers and sees players explore Aida's dystopian and futuristic world. Given the game's sci-fi setting, you can expect a range of futuristic vehicles and gadgets.

Among the more highly sought-after items is the Magnetic Rod, one of two items used to craft the Chaser Mount in Tower of Fantasy. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Magnetic Rod but also explain how to get the second component, Maglev Stalker, which you'll require to make the Chaser Mount in the game.

Magnetic Rod Location in Tower Of Fantasy

magnetic rod location tower of fantasy
The Magnetic Rod is part of a two-piece apparatus called a Chaser. (Picture: YouTube / Mobile Game)

You can find the Magnetic Rod north of Astra, within the Northern Ring Ranges. You’ll find an abandoned stronghold called the Rusty Belt in this area. Once you clear it from all enemy presence, this stronghold will reward you with the Magnetic Rod, the vehicle component you are looking for.

Once you make your way into the Rusty Belt, the Magnetic Rod item will be located inside the sphere, on a small ledge protruding outside the stronghold. As mentioned earlier, this item is part of a two-piece apparatus; once both components are found, you can use them to assemble the Chaser. In the next step, we will explain where to find the second component, the Maglev Stalker.

tower of fantasy how to get magnetic rod to build chaser mount
The Magnetic Rod is found in the sphere outside of the Rusty Belt. (Picture: YouTube / Mobile Game)

This vehicle component may be a bit harder to obtain as it is a rare item drop. To get the Maglev Stalker in Tower of Fantasy, you must defeat the Vermin Brothers. They have three strongholds scattered across the map; they are called: Rat’s Den: Squeaky, Rat’s Den: Jed, and Rat’s Den: Mitchell. 

Once you have both vehicle components, you can unlock the Chaser Mount and begin flying around the map. That concludes our guide on how to find the Magnetic Rod in Tower of Fantasy.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio