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Can You Download Tower Of Fantasy In India?

Tower of Fantasy is all the craze since its release on 11th August, but is it possible to download and play the game in India?
Can You Download Tower Of Fantasy In India?

Tower of Fantasy has acquired its fair share of fans since its initial release in China, sharing similarities to Genshin Impact while placing players in an interactive and interesting world. As a result of its popularity, people worldwide want to get their hands on Tower of Fantasy and try out this fun game.

Fortunately, developer Hotto Studio recently expanded Tower of Fantasy to the global market on 11th August 2022. So if you're in India and wondering if you can download Tower of Fantasy, you're in the right place. This article details whether you can play the Tower of Fantasy on your mobile or PC in India.

Can You Download And Play Tower Of Fantasy In India?

Tower of fantasy available in india servers
Tower of Fantasy has servers in various regions spanning most parts of the world. (Picture: Perfect World)

Unfortunately, the short answer is: no. As of writing, you can't download Tower of Fantasy in India from any official sources, either on Steam or mobile. Tower of Fantasy became available only in China but soon added more servers. Players can now join from North America, South America, Europe, or Japan - but India hasn't made the list of regions quite yet.

If you're in India and want to play Tower of Fantasy, though, don't fret - just because the game isn't available in India yet doesn't mean it never will be. The developers are trying to expand the game to new regions and add new servers all the time and could very well add India servers in the future.

tower of fantasy india download
Tower of Fantasy hasn't made its way to India quite yet, but that doesn't mean it never will. (Picture: Perfect World)

Despite players' desire to play Tower of Fantasy, it might be hard for Perfect World to bring the game to India. The Indian Government’s MeitY branch has banned hundreds of China-based apps and mobile games in the past few years, including a recent ban of Garena Free Fire, citing "security concerns."

As a result, it's challenging for apps like Tower of Fantasy, developed and published by a team from China, to enter the Indian app and mobile game market.

While Tower of Fantasy isn't available in India right now, who knows if it could come to the country in the future? If you want to play Tower of Fantasy, keep an eye out for more updates on if and when the game might come to India.

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Featured image courtesy of Perfect World.