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Where To Get Fatty Cuts In Tower of Fantasy

Fatty Cuts are a great ingredient that can be used to sate your Wanderer in Tower of Fantasy. Here's where you can get it.
Where To Get Fatty Cuts In Tower of Fantasy

Catering to your Wanderer's satiety should always be top of your list in Tower of Fantasy. There are over 60 different recipes that can recover your Wanderer's HP or give you status resistance of some kind. Obtaining the cooking ingredient Fatty Cuts is one such item.

Fatty Cuts are an extremely rare cooking ingredient; getting them will require you to have high-level radiation gear like Suppressors, making them largely inaccessible to early players. However, this guide will detail where you can get Fatty Cuts in Tower of Fantasy and how to use them.

Tower of Fantasy - Where to get Fatty Cuts

tower of fantasy fatty cuts location
Fatty Cuts are primarily found in the Crown Mines region. (Picture Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map / App Sample)

Fatty Cuts are one of the rarer cooking ingredients in Tower of Fantasy. This is because Wanderers can primarily find Fatty Cuts in the Crown Mines region - an area with very high radiation levels. As a result, this ingredient cannot be obtained in the game's early stages.

Besides Crown Mines, Wanderers can also find Fatty Cuts in the Banges area of Tower of Fantasy, where there is little to no radiation; however, finding them is not always guaranteed. This is because Fatty Cuts are such a rare drop, meaning Wanderers will invariably have difficulty finding it.

Suppose you're struggling to find the Fatty Cuts ingredient. In that case, we have a comprehensive Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map that will assist you in locating any resource you may be searching for. 

fatty cuts recipe tower of fantasy
You can make Braised Meat for your characters' satiety. (Picture: YouTube / ON Game)

Fatty Cuts can mainly be found in animals. While a few animals can drop this item, it's best to hunt the Honey Badgers, as they are more likely to drop Fatty Cuts. Honey Badgers can easily be found along the riverside in Crown Mines. 

There are two cooking recipes Wanderers can make using the Fatty Cuts ingredient. The first is Braised meat; this will regenerate 20 Satiety and increase Frost Resistance by 15% for 20 minutes. The second recipe is Juicy BLT; however, this recipe requires the following additional ingredients: 2 Brown Rice and 2 Poultry Eggs; this will regenerate 20 Satiety and increase Flame Resistance by 15% for 20 minutes.

And that concludes our guide on Where to find Fatty Cuts in Tower of Fantasy. 

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