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Tower Of Fantasy - Find & Help Fufu Quest Guide

Want to know how to complete the Help Fufu quest in Tower of Fantasy? We've got you covered with our comprehensive guide!
Tower Of Fantasy - Find & Help Fufu Quest Guide

The Fufu Quest is one that takes a short time to complete but has a few key steps you don't want to miss out on. Tower of Fantasy tends to keep most of its sidequests quick and digestible so players can get back to farming. 

Thankfully, the Fufu quest is no exception! it is always worth completing these small quests in order to stock up on valuable items and gain additional XP. 

The Fufu Quest itself may seem a little burdensome as it does involve a few tricky platforming challenges, but the benefits of completing this side quest far outweigh the minor drawbacks. 

How To Unlock The Fufu Quest In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy has taken the MMO anime world by storm (Picture: Hotta Studio)

The first step to completing this quest is to make your way over to the Ruin D-01 Dungeon from Spacerift (located in Crown Mines). From there, you will need to start progressing through the dungeon until you come across a sleeping boy.

Interacting with the boy will reveal him to be Fufu and will activate the start of the quest.

How To Complete The Fufu Quest In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy is brimming with side quests to complete. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

After talking with Fufu, he will request several items. The first is 3 Darkscale Ghost Spores which can be found by killing enemies near the large trees surrounding you.

After providing these Spores to Fufu, he will then ask you to find his lost recipe. Players will need to locate a group of mushroom-like trees and begin scaling them. Make sure to take extra care during this section of the quest, as a misplaced step could send you back to the bottom, forcing you to do the whole thing over again.

After grabbing the recipe, return to Fufu, and after speaking with him, this Tower of Fantasy quest will be complete!

There are no major rewards for beating the Fufu quest per se. Players will receive the standard sidequest rewards of XP along with a few valuable items. 

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.