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Tower Of Fantasy Version 1.5 Artificial Island - Release Date & Features

Get ready to explore Artificial Island in the Tower of Fantasy version 1.5 update. Here's when it releases, features, and more!
Tower Of Fantasy Version 1.5 Artificial Island - Release Date & Features

Tower of Fantasy version 1.5 updates is developer Hotta Studio's first major patch update and brings a host of new features and content for players to explore in Aida. These include the new Artificial Island region to explore, new bosses, mechanics, and much more. Here's everything about the new Tower of Fantasy version 1.5 update, from the patch release date to the new Artificial Island and everything in between.

When does Tower Of Fantasy 1.5 release?

In a recent Twitter post, Hotta Studio officially announced that the Tower of Fantasy version 1.5 update would release on 15th September 2022. " A Wonderland, Never Charted Before!
Complete certain missions to unlock a world that you can craft," the developer said.

Tower of Fantasy's version 1.5 update brings an entirely new zone called the Artificial Island and a slew of new features to the game, including new bosses, characters, weapons, Simulacra, and more.

This new Artificial Island zone is the main focus of the update, bringing a vast new area for players to explore, gather materials, and fight new enemies. The Ring Arena, Puddled Lake, and Rusty Iron Camp areas are shown in the official trailer and boast the same luscious yet dangerous and ruined plains aesthetic as Asperia.

Tower Of Fantasy Version 1.5 Artificial Island Release Date
Tower of Fantasy version 1.5 launches with several new features on 15th September. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Claudia, who is currently available as a simulacrum on the Chinese Tower of Fantasy servers, is not directly mentioned. However, she is featured heavily in the trailer, taking center stage for most of the action. So she'll most likely be the third limited event banner weapon after Frigg, appearing as players enter the Artificial Island zone.

Tower Of Fantasy 1.5 - All New Features

According to the official announcement, Tower of Fantasy 1.5 will introduce a new housing system, allowing players to construct various buildings; this includes the ability to farm close to their homes. This addition will make Artificial Island feel much more like home and give Wanderers more support to explore the new region thoroughly. 

Tower Of Fantasy Version 1.5 Features new bosses
A new building system and a powerful new boss will arrive in Tower of Fantasy version 1.5. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Then we have the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon, a huge, flying mechanical dragon that fires lasers and missiles from above and is set to join the Tower of Fantasy version 1.5 update as a new boss.

It seems that players will need to keep up with some fast-paced action while engaging in combat with the mechanical dragon and likely take advantage of any ranged attacks they have at their disposal to bring it down.

Tower of Fantasy version 1.5 will release on 15th September. Be sure to check back here soon for more news on the update and relevant information as it becomes available.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.