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Tower Of Fantasy - Joint Operations Unlock & Completion Guide

Joint Operations are endgame content requiring Wanderers to link up to earn resources. Here's how to unlock this feature in Tower of Fantasy.
Tower Of Fantasy - Joint Operations Unlock & Completion Guide

Hott Studios' Tower of Fantasy has quickly become one of the most widely played MMOs globally. Despite Wanderers only recently being introduced to Aida, some have already reached end-game content, requiring them to tackle highly challenging Joint Operations in Tower of Fantasy.

As the name implies, a Joint Operation is a special in-game mode that sees Wanderers party up to solve complex missions to acquire resources. If you're stuck and need some help completing these very difficult challenges, don't worry. This guide details how to clear Joint Operation Battles in Tower Fantasy.

How To Complete Joint Operations In Tower of Fantasy

wanderers resources weapons matrices joint operations
Wanderers can find resources, weapons, and even Matrices in Joint Operations. (Picture: YouTube / Sethphir)

Unlocking Joint Operations in Tower of Fantasy is fairly straightforward. To access the in-game feature, Wanderers need to reach Level 20. Unfortunately, the difficulty comes with completing Joint Operations as it can be pretty hard to defeat the bosses within these missions.

Joint Operations are designed for Wanderers to combine forces and earn resources, such as better weapons and Matrices that boost stats. The complexity primarily focuses on defeating enemies and less on figuring out directions or intricate puzzle-solving like other features.

Wanderers can find the Joint Operations feature in the Bounty menu. Upon selecting and tapping on the button, Wanderers should see various mission icons; most of them will be locked behind a level wall.

Still, it should be relatively easy to decide on which to embark. Do note, though, that Wanderers must have Vitality points to enter a Joint Operation. From there, Wanderers can choose from the many groups looking for members; otherwise, they can create their own. Once the party is ready, a request will pop up requiring Wanderers to accept or deny the invitation to venture into the Joint Operation.

 wanderers upgrade damage resources joint operations tower of fantasy
Wanderers can upgrade their damage output by collecting resources in Tower of Fantasy's Joint Operations. (Picture: Hotta Studios)

There’ll be loot chests requiring Vitality points to open along the way, and the path is linear, so it’s hard to miss where to go. In addition, there also are traps and lasers Wanderers need to pass through, but it shouldn’t be too challenging.

At the end of the Joint Operation, there’s a boss enemy Wanderers need to defeat. Once conquered, that concludes the operation. That concludes our guide on how to finish a Joint Operation in Tower of Fantasy.

Feel free to watch some of this Joint Operation gameplay.

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All featured images are courtesy of Hotta Studio.