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Tower Of Fantasy - Best Beginner Guide

Here's the best beginner guide to mastering Tower of Fantasy that will have you playing the game with confidence in no time.
Tower Of Fantasy - Best Beginner Guide

With the recent release of Tower of Fantasy worldwide, players have the opportunity to jump into a brand new world with tons of content to explore. But for a beginner, this might be daunting, as the game offers so much to do from the moment you are let loose into the world.

And that's where this article comes into play, as we will be providing you with the best beginner guide to Tower of Fantasy. From how to set up your controls and settings, to tips on the exploration and combat mechanics.

Tower Of Fantasy - Best Beginner Guide

Tower Of Fantasy Best Beginner Guide All tips to get you started
The tips provided below will set you on a path to mastering Tower of Fantasy in no time. (Picture: YouTube / SevyPlays)

The best beginner tips for Tower of Fantasy have been broken down into seven equally important sections as shown below. Each one is a vital step in getting a solid footing in the world of Aida and will have you well on your way to mastering Tower of Fantasy soon enough.

Customize your Controls and Settings

This first step might seem a tad odd as it doesn't usually affect the gameplay aspects of most games that you play. But in Tower of Fantasy, mapping out your controls to keys you're more comfortable with beforehand will be a huge help as the game's combat system is fairly deep, and having easy access to your weapons is only going to help you succeed long-term.

Another setting to tweak is your display preferences, which allow you to dictate what you want to be displayed on your screen as you play the game. Such as your blue dot prompts, Mission tips, Wanderer info, and more.

Complete the Early Game Story As soon as possible

We recommend working your way through the early game story portion until you're about level 15 to 20 before going out and exploring the open world. This is important as after you have done the early game story, most of the game's mechanics, menus, and equipment will be unlocked.

This will also give you a chance to get used to the game's combat and save some valuable upgrade materials. You will also unlock more of the open world once completing this early game section and with the rest of the mechanics unlocked, you can now fully enjoy the exploration the world has to offer.

Understand your Weapon and its details

With a wide variety of SR and SSR weapons to choose from, we encourage all players to inspect your weapons details page to get the full picture of what it can do. Each weapon will have various icons that display certain key pieces of information.

Tower Of Fantasy Best Beginner Guide Understanding your weapons
Taking time to understand your weapons and their skills is vital to your survival. (Picture: YouTube / SevyPlays)

Such as the weapons combos, skills, elemental type (if any), Shatter, Charge, and what the weapon is mainly cured for, such as defense, offense, or support. The Shatter and Charge are key as the former indicates how fast your weapons can shatter enemy shields and the latter is how long it takes to charge your weapons by hitting enemies.

Experiment with Attacks and Combos

Each weapon has an info tab that allows you to see the weapons combos and special skills. Practicing these can help you chain attacks together that use both ground and aerial attacks.

You can experiment with these by using different weapons in tandem with each other and chaining different combos and weapons together in your own creative ways. Lastly, executing a perfect dodge as you're in combat triggers the Fantasia, which slows down time and lets you land combos and attacks on helpless enemies.

Experiment with different Weapon Load-outs

Tower Of Fantasy Best Beginner Guide weapon loadouts
Experimenting with different loadouts can give you large amounts of versatility and power. (Picture: YouTube / SevyPlays)

Once you have a grasp on the different weapon's strengths and weaknesses, you can experiment with specific load-outs that help you capitalize on each one's strengths and become a force to be reckoned with. An example of this is using a weapon with a high shatter value with other offensive weapons to deal tons of damage.

Farm for Gear and Resources

Farming for gear and resources is vital to you being able to stand your ground as you move through the world and enemies get tougher. You can farm for gear in the chest throughout the world or by competing in various trials and challenges such as Joint Operation.

Explore as much as possible

Lastly, the most natural tip, but it can be overlooked is to explore the open world thoroughly. You can find black or gold nuclei throughout the world, as well as points of interest that can give you some useful rewards.

Tower Of Fantasy Best Beginner Guide exploring the world
Exploring the open world of Aida will yield various resources, quests and rare items to collect. (Picture: YouTube / SevyPlays)

You can clear ruins to get items and XP, as well as doing the training facilities to earn currency which you can use to spend on items in the game. And lastly, be sure to collect and cook plenty of food to keep your satiety up and speed up your healing as you explore the tons of content available in Tower of Fantasy.

We would like to thank Youtube Channel SevyPlays for their full guide on seven tips for beginners getting started in Tower of Fantasy. For more of their amazing content, please consider subscribing to their channel.

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