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How To Find Laver In Tower Of Fantasy

Laver is one of the many vital resources you may need to acquire on your side quests. Here's how to locate it in Tower of Fantasy.
How To Find Laver In Tower Of Fantasy

The popular MMO game Tower of Fantasy was finally released for global markets on 11th August 2022 by Hotta Studio and is available to play on Android, iOS, and Windows PC. Set in the distant future on the planet of Aida, dwindling resources and lack of energy forced humanity to leave Earth and migrate.

Like most MMOs, players must try to survive in Tower of Fantasy, engaging in cooking to preserve their character's health. However, some resources, like Laver, are scarce and require players to dig a little deeper to find them. This guide will detail where to find Laver in Tower of Fantasy, informing you of all the Laver locations in the game.

Where to find Laver in Tower of Fantasy

all laver locations tower of fantasy where to find
Laver can be found along the coastline of Banges Docks in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: YouTuber / MonekyKingHero)

Acquiring Laver is one of the many side quests you will get while playing Tower of Fantasy. You will receive this mission from Foodie Girl I, asking you to try and find this resource.

Notably, Laver is not a common resource and can only be found in certain areas. Specifically, the Laver locations in Tower of Fantasy appear to be evenly spaced out along the coastline of the map. This should not be surprising, given that Laver is a type of seaweed in the game.

As such, you can find Laver near the shores of Banges Dock and Loen Docks in Aesperia. They have a reddish-pink, almost purple color to their leaves. You'll easily spot them along the shoreline of Banges Docks because their leaves are uniquely recognizable.

These are just two locations you can find Laver in Tower of Fantasy; there might be a plethora of sites across the many other beaches in the game that have yet to be discovered.

where to find laver in tower of fantasy
There might be several other locations to find Laver in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: YouTuber / MonekyKingHero)

In a previous guide, we explained how players could use the Tower of Fantasy interactive map to locate several other important resources; you can also use this to find Laver. And that concludes our guide listing some of the Laver locations.

We want to thank YouTuber MonkeyKingHero for their guide on where to find Laver in Tower of Fantasy. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content. You can also watch the video embedded above for a visual demonstration of where to find this resource.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio