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How Does Pity System Work In Tower Of Fantasy

We explain the Tower of Fantasy Pity system while talking about the Pity counters and reset.
How Does Pity System Work In Tower Of Fantasy

One of the most awaited MMOs of this year, Tower of Fantasy, has finally made its way to the Mobile and PC platforms. The game offers full-fledged character customization where you can make a protagonist of your choice and use it to clear the game's story and other content. 

On top of that, developers Hotta Studios have also cleverly implemented a gacha system that allows players to obtain SSR Simulacra and Matrixes using premium currencies that you can get for free or via microtransactions. And like with every gacha game, we have a Pity system in place in Tower of Fantasy that allows players to get an SSR or SR unit after a certain number of pulls. 

Tower of Fantasy adds a lot of nuances to its gacha system that makes it a little hard for new players to understand. And this is where our how Pity system work in the Tower of Fantasy guide comes in handy. 

How Does the Pity System Work In Tower Of Fantasy

An official art featuring Samir and other SSR and SR Simulacra.
An official art featuring Samir and other SSR and SR Simulacra. (Picture: Hotta Studios)

The Tower of Fantasy Pity system is based around the game's different premium currencies and banners, aka Special Orders. Players can use in-game currencies like Gold Nucleus, Red Nucleus, and Black Nucleus to perform gacha pulls on the existing banners. 

When players perform a gacha pull using Gold Nucleus for a Simulacra, the Pity system comes into play, guaranteeing players an SSR Simulacra on the 80th gacha pull. Meanwhile, the Pity for obtaining Matrixes is 40. So, every 40th will give you a guaranteed Matrix. 

There's also a catch! While you can perform gacha pulls in Tower of Fantasy using Black Nucleus, a free-to-obtain premium currency—it doesn't contribute towards the Pity counter. Let us explain it in a simple manner.

Suppose your Pity counter is at 20. Performing gacha pulls using Black Nucleus will not increase the Pity counter. It will remain at 20. But if you perform pulls using the other currencies, like the Gold Nucleus, the Pity counter will change based on the number of pulls you did. 

Does Tower of Fantasy Gacha Have a Pity Reset? 

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play friendly gacha-based MMO.
Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play friendly gacha-based MMO. (Picture: Hotta Studios)

No! Tower of Fantasy gacha has no Pity reset mechanism in place. It is one of the soundest things for free-to-play players. And the Tower of Fantasy community in general. Because players can obtain more SSR units with no Pity reset compared to a system with a Pity reset. 

Once again! Let us explain what it means to have no Pity reset. Suppose you get an SSR Simlacra with your 70th pull. Performing the next ten pull will hit the Pity counter. And, once again, you will get a guaranteed SSR Simulacra. 

Have no Pity reset is one of the many things that makes Tower of Fantasy a reasonably free-to-play friendly experience that players can enjoy without paying any extra penny. 

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.