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Tower Of Fantasy Wormhole Guide – How To Play And Rewards

Wormhole in Tower of Fantasy is an excellent way for Wanderers to earn exclusive rewards. Here's a complete guide on how to play the game mode.
Tower Of Fantasy Wormhole Guide – How To Play And Rewards

Hotta Studio's Tower of Fantasy has only been available to play for a few weeks, and it's already setting records since its launch. With a few game modes available for Wanderers to play, a new PvE game mode only becomes available once they've met a specific level requirement.

One of these modes is Wormhole, tasking Wanderers with clearing floors to complete each level; it's also a fantastic way to earn Energy Crystal Dust and upgrade gear. This guide explains how to play the Wormhole game mode and all rewards on offer in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Wormhole – How To Play

tower of fantasy guide wormhole mode pve advneture tab challenge
You can access the Wormhole mode from the Adventure tab below Challenge. (Picture: YouTube / WiLLiSGaming)

Wormhole is a new PvE game mode introduced in Tower of Fantasy accessible under "Challenge" via the "Adventure" tab. However, this mode is only accessible at Level 41 or more; if you haven't got this level yet, you'll need to continue grinding.

Once you are on the Wormhole page, you'll notice multiple levels you can unlock; each has its own prerequisites; select one to get started. Immediately you'll see that the dungeon design resembles an intricate maze or labyrinth. There are around 24 floors to clear enemies to spawn on each level, increasing in difficulty.

tower of fantasy guide wormhole mode pve target weak points
Before starting the level, you can view the Target Weap Points for the enemies that will spawn on the floors. (Picture: YouTube / Kyrios Yuudai)

Before starting each floor, you will learn the Target Weak Points for most enemies, which you can utilize to your advantage. Similarly, certain enemies will drop unique buffs that you can also use to aid you in clearing the floors faster, so you'll need to be strategic with which characters best synergize with the buffs.

It's also crucial to select the best character buffs that can boost stats like ATK speed, CRIT Rate, DMG, and more for a limited time. Once you successfully clear every floor, you'll earn a point, but there are items you can find that may be worth getting.

Additionally, the number of points earned is determined by the floors you've cleared in the Wormhole. This directly influences the rewards you can acquire after completing each floor, but the main objective of the Wormhole game mode is to clear out enemies on each floor to fill up a meter.

Once you've reached 100% completion, you can progress to the next floor and repeat the process until all floors have been cleared of enemies. While plenty of enemies spawn throughout the floors, it is best to scout the floor for Elites as they drop buffs that contribute significantly to your overall progress.

tower of fantasy guide wormhole mode pve boss fights buffs timing ultimates discharge
Time your attacks well and save your ultimates or Discharge to maximize your damage output when facing bosses. (Picture: YouTube / Kyrios Yuudai)

There are a few boss fights on certain levels, like levels four and eight; here, skills and timing are everything. So you must ensure that your attacks are well-timed and save your ultimates called Discharge to break their shield or shielding ability.

Tower of Fantasy Wormhole – All Rewards

After clearing all the floors available for a specific level for the Wormhole game mode, you'll earn points for various rewards. These rewards include Gold Nucleus, Weapon Battery, Matrix Data Packs, and Gold which will help you acquire other items.

Likewise, you can also gain purple Energy Crystal Dust from the Wormhole game mode, which is vital to getting better gear. Afterward, you can navigate to the Crystal Dust Store, where you can find various items to purchase using every type of Crystal Dust.

tower of fantasy guide wormhole mode pve purple energy crystal dust store redeem items
Wanderers can use the purple Energy Crystal Dust and redeem it against any item from the Crystal Dust Store. (Picture: YouTube / Kyrios Yuudai)

You can use this purple dust to purchase crystals which, in turn, can be used towards upgrading your equipment or buying the higher rarity gear items for your character. It's worth mentioning that Tower of Fantasy's Wormhole Hydra mode does have a reset function that occurs every 120 hours or five days the moment you begin a level.

Your rewards will be mailed to you in-game once the interval ends, so once you've started any level, progress as far as you can and collect as many items on each floor as possible.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Kyrios Yuudai for their complete tutorial of the Wormhole mode for Tower of Fantasy. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.