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Where To Find Ribs In Tower Of Fantasy

Here's where you can find delicious and useful Ribs ingredient in Tower Of Fantasy.
Where To Find Ribs In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy features a plethora of useful items and ingredients that you can use to cook meals and restore your health and satiety when you're in a tight spot. Ribs are one of these ingredients and they are particularly useful in restoring large portions of your health and providing some extra buffs.

So if you're looking to stock up on this delicious meat to take with you on your adventures, then keep reading. As we will be showing you exactly where and how to find Ribs in Tower of Fantasy. 

Where To Find Ribs In Tower Of Fantasy

Ribs are rare consumable items dropped by certain beasts when they die. Eating them raw has little effect, but eating them cooked allows you to quickly regain your health, and satiety and provides you with some extra buffs to help you out.

Where To Find Ribs In Tower Of Fantasy hunting animals in rugged and arid areas
You can hunt animals in rugged and arid areas for a higher chance of getting Ribs from them. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Eating cooked ribs or preparing them in meals restores over 20% satiety and heals over 15% of your maximum health while also providing additional resistance to incoming physical attacks for 20 minutes. So with all these benefits, it's a worthwhile investment to know where to hunt for this extremely useful resource. 

The Ribs themselves can be fairly difficult to come by as they aren't found by hunting down any old beast. For example, looking for wild boar in Aesperia's forests will not yield any results, instead, you'll have to look for creatures that thrive in more rugged, arid environments.

There are no desert-like or rugged environments on Aesperia or the Artificial Island that support the animals who will drop Ribs. Vera, on the other hand, is entirely made up of the Gobby Desert, which spans its entire map, and when animals in the Gobby are slayed, they have a far higher chance of dropping Ribs.

You can visit and explore Aesperia and the Artificial Island in the most recent iterations of Tower of Fantasy, but Vera is not present. From the current information we have, Vera will be made available as part of the significant content expansion contained in the 2.0 Update of Tower of Fantasy that is set to come in the late Fall of 2022.

Where To Find Ribs In Tower Of Fantasy Vera area to find Ribs
Once Vera is available, it will be the prime location to get Ribs in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

So for now, to find the Ribs, head over to the more rugged and arid environments of the game and hunt down creatures that thrive in these areas. And once Vera is released, you'll be able to farm for Ribs as much as you desire by hunting the beasts that roam throughout it. 

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio.