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How To Make Fruit Cake In Tower Of Fantasy

There are many great cooking recipes in Tower of Fantasy and Fruit Cake is one of them. Here's how to make it and the ingredients you'll need.
How To Make Fruit Cake In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has a long list of cooking recipes you can use to cook up a storm. One of these includes the Fruit Cake recipe, which you will only receive after triggering Nico's Birthday Preparation side mission. This guide will detail how to make the Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy, including where you can find the ingredients needed to make it.

Tower of Fantasy - How to make Fruit Cake

tower of fantasy how to make fruit cake astra shelter
Activate the Birthday Preparation side quest by going to Astra Shelter. (Picture Hotta Studio via YouTube / GosuNoob)

Before making Fruit Cake for Nico, you must activate the Birthday Preparation side quest. To start this side quest, you must go to the Astra Shelter in Aesperia. Once you arrive, you will be presented with two questlines: Recover Candies and Birthday Preparation.  

After choosing the Birthday Preparation side, you will be informed that it is Nico’s birthday and you will receive Strawberries and 1859 EXP as a reward.

You will also receive a new accessory item called Vigorous. But, first, you should make your way to Nico near the Astra Shelter. She will provide you with the recipe and the list of ingredients you will need to make the Fruit Cake by interacting with her.

Fruit Cake Recipe Ingredients

Here are the cooking ingredients you will need to make the Fruit Cake in Tower of Fantasy: 2x Strawberries, 1x Fallen Fruit, 1x Homi Grain, and 1x Poultry Egg. This food item will regenerate 10 Satiety, and if used immediately, will restore 15% +20,000 HP.

tower of fantasy fruit cake recipe how to make
Nico will give you the Fruit Cake recipe and tell you the ingredients you'll need to make it. (Picture Hotta Studio via YouTube / GosuNoob)

You can find Strawberries in Navia and Crown near the shrubbery, while Homi Grain can be found in the grasslands of Astra and Banges; you can also find Fallen Fruit here, near trees. Lastly, Poultry Eggs can be found in a bird's nest in the high areas near the Astra Shelter.

Once you have the necessary ingredients, the only left is to go to the Cooking Station to make the Fruit Cake.

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio / YouTube GosuNoob