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Chainsaw Man Devil Tier List - Strongest & Most Powerful Devils Ranked

We've ranked ten of the strongest and most powerful Devils in the Chainsaw Man anime series.
Chainsaw Man Devil Tier List - Strongest & Most Powerful Devils Ranked

Chainsaw Man is the latest craze amongst anime fans, and (as usual) production studio Mappa has pulled all the stops in creating another flawless anime. Although the Chainsaw Man anime has just begun, it has many people curious about which Devils are the strongest. 

So we have taken the time to dive into the Chainsaw Man archives and prepare a tier list, ranking the ten of the most powerful Devils in the series.  It should be noted that this list will contain spoilers for those who are not reading the manga, so you should exercise caution.

What Is The Strongest Devil In Chainsaw Man?

chainsaw man devils ranked
A Hybrid, Human, and Fiend could make a good working team in Chainsaw Man. (Picture Mappa Studio)

Chainsaw Man is the latest anime produced by popular anime agency Mappa Studio; however, the studio is also widely known for other hits like Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). Chainsaw Man is set in a modern-day society where you have government sectors like the Public Safety Devil Hunters organization.  

In particular, this sector exists to protect ordinary folks from Devils -- supernatural creatures that essentially feed off humanity’s fears. These monsters can take any shape or structure that will embody their “name.” For example, Pochita is the Chainsaw Devil and thus was shaped like a dog with a Chainsaw protruding from its head.

chainsaw man makima four horseman control devil most powerful and strongest devils ranked
Makima can use Control Devil powers in Chainsaw Man. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

List of the Strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man

In the section below, you'll find a list of the most powerful Devils in the series.

  1. Darkness Devil (Primal Devil)
  2. Chainsaw Man Devil (Pochita)
  3. Makima: Control Devil (Four Horseman)
  4. Punishment Devil 
  5. Aki Hayakawa: Gun Devil (Fiend)
  6. Hell Devil
  7. Power: Blood Devil (Fiend)
  8. Angel Devil
  9. Reze: Bomb Devil (Hybrid)
  10. Quanxi: Crossbow Devil (Hybrid)

There are many other kinds of Devils in the Chainsaw Man world. So here's a quick breakdown:

Primal Devils embody fears that naturally exist within the human psyche; they are even known to scare normal Devils. The Four Horseman are those who have been devoured by the original Chainsaw Man (Pochita) and reincarnated. On the other hand, Fiends are Devils who possess a human corpse, while Hybrids are humans who can transform into Devil.

That concludes our guide on the strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man.

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Featured image courtesy of Mappa Studio.