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Chainsaw Man Episode Recap & Review (Ep 1-7)

Find out what has happened in the Chainsaw Man anime so far with our episode-by-episode recap and review.
Chainsaw Man Episode Recap & Review (Ep 1-7)

Chainsaw Man is the most recent shounen anime to earn widespread applause from fans who prefer action-packed episodes with tons of gore and blood. Produced by the highly acclaimed Japanese animation house Mappa Studio, Chainsaw Man will feature 12 episodes you can view on Crunchyroll.

Unfortunately, despite the show's massive positive reception, you cannot binge the entire first season. Instead, each episode is released weekly. In case you're unable to watch the show (for whatever reason) or are curious about what happened in any of the episodes, you can read our recap of every Chainsaw Man episode released thus far.

Note: We'll update this article with a recap of every Chainsaw Man episode weekly. So it might be a good idea to bookmark with article for future reference.

Chainsaw Man Episode Recap & Review

Chainsaw Man Episode 8

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 "TBC" will premiere on 29 November 2022.

We'll have an episode recap for you once this episode airs 🤗.

Chainsaw Man Episode 7

Chainsaw Man Episode 7, "Taste of a kiss," premiered on 22 November 2022.

Previously in Chainsaw Man episode 6, Denji activated his Chainsaw powers and jumped into the Eternity Devil’s mouth. While Denji continues to fight the Eternity Devil, Power cautions that if Denji continues to lose blood while fighting him, Denji’s Chainsaw powers will retract. 

Denji is soon captured by the Eternity Devil when he loses too much blood, and the Chainsaws in his arms retract. However, he soon discovers that he can eat pieces of the Eternity Devil's flesh and drink its blood in order to stay alive.

chainsaw man episode 7 taste of a kiss denji eternity devil
Denji learns he can eat and drink the flesh of the Eternity Devil in episode 7 of Chainsaw Man. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

The fight between the Eternity Devil and Denji soon continues for three days, only stopping when the Devil presents its heart to Denji, begging him to kill it. The group soon leaves the hotel exhausted, and Denji triumphantly holds a piece of the Gun Devils' flesh.

Though he soon passes out and Himeno catches him, soon after, she gives instructions to Arai and Kobeni to report back to the office while Denji and Aki are taken to the hospital for treatment. Some time goes by, and we see Himeno and Aki on a new mission; Himeno suggests they hold a get-together for the rookies to introduce themselves while Aki fishes out a small piece of the Gun Devil.


chainsaw man episode 7 taste of a kiss denji pochita first kiss himeno
A flashback of homeless Denji and Pochita eating anything they can get their hands on in episode 7 of Chainsaw Man. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

Denji questions Himeno at the izakaya about the kiss he was supposed to receive for defeating the Gun Devil, but when she does kiss him after a drinking contest with Aki and Makima, she also pukes in his mouth. 

Due to Denji’s homeless upbringing, he eats and swallows anything that provides nutrition, although we do see him throw up in the bathroom while Arai rubs his back. Once the night has concluded, we see Himeno carry Denji back to her place. 

Chainsaw Man Episode 6

Chainsaw Man Episode 6, "Kill Denji," premiered on 15 November 2022.

Once the group has exhausted all possibilities for checking whether they are actually looping on the eighth loop, they quickly locate one of the many empty rooms. The two rookies, Arai and Kobeni, experience varying degrees of panic attacks as Denji decides to take a nap in one of the beds. 

We quickly learn about Kobeni's situation that she only joined the Public Safety Devil Hunters organization to help pay for her brother's college tuition. While discussing this, Kobeni and Arai experienced increasing bouts of fear and anxiety, to the point where Kobeni needed to be knocked out in order to calm down.

chainsaw man episode 6 eighth floor loop eternity devil kill denji
The group soon finds that they are looping on the eighth floor with no means of escape in Episode 6 of Chainsaw Man. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

The group quickly discovers that the Eternity Devil is, in fact, still alive and has expanded to the point where it now completely fills the hotel hallway. At this point, the Eternity Devil has not attacked the group but rather offered them a contract; contracts between Devil Hunters and Devils are not illegal, and they can aid the Devil Hunter, though there are risks involved.

According to the Eternity Devils' contract, the group will be freed if Denji is killed and given to the Devil. Aki and Himeno are strongly opposed because the Devil may have a hidden agenda, but Kobeni and Arai strongly support it, and Kobeni attempts to kill Denji multiple times in her panic.

chainsaw man episode 6 kill denji aki sacrifice to eternity devil
Denji decides to sacrifice himself to the Eternity Devil, but that doesn't mean his going without a fight in Episode 6 of Chainsaw Man. (Picture Mappa Studio)

Due to the fact that devils thrive on human fear, as the two novices' panic increases, so does the size of the Eternity Devil. Soon, the Eternity Devils become powerful enough to flip the hotel hallway upside down and open its mouth to show where they can sacrifice Denji. Kobeni tries to kill Denji yet again, but Aki defends him by physically shielding him when she tries to stab Denji.

Denji then asks Power to heal Aki because she is the Blood Devil. Himeno, who had maintained her composure throughout, soon loses control when she sees Aki being stabbed because she fears she may lose him the same way she has lost many of her previous partners. Denji then decides to allow himself to be eaten by the Eternity Devil, but not without a fight.

Chainsaw Man Episode 5

Chainsaw Man Episode 5, "Gun Devil," premiered on 8 November 2022.

True to the Fiend's word, Makima lets Denji grasp her breast three times, after which Power instantly leaves. Then, while doing paperwork for the earlier battle with the Bat Devil, Makima asks Denji if something is off before he opens up about how he finally obtained what he'd long been seeking, but that once he had it, it didn't seem worth it.

chainsaw man episode 5 makima denji gun devil
Denji and Makima in Chainsaw Man Episode 5. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

Makima then appears to grasp Denji's thought process and utilizes it to motivate him by informing him that some intimate acts are better performed by two individuals who understand each other. She then takes his hand and encourages him to touch her breast, which freaks Denji out. However, Makima quickly shifts the subject to the Gun Devil, telling Denji that she will grant him any wish if he kills it. Following Makima's explanation of the Gun Devil's history, the episode fades to a scene of a sickly boy reading a book with his parents.

We learn that it is Aki's family when the boy enters the room and asks his father to play catch. His father declines, but his younger brother, much to Aki's chagrin, is eager to spend more time with him. They soon have a snowball fight outside their house, and Aki urges his brother to go inside and fetch some gloves to keep warm, only to have his family killed by a violent gust of wind.

chainsaw man episode 5 aki meets himeno gun devil
Aki meets Himeno for the first time at a cemetery in Chainsaw Man Episode 5. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

Following this, Aki enters Public Safety and is paired with Himeno. Returning to the present day, Makima advises Denji that magnetized fragments can be used to find the Gun Devil. Denji is quickly assigned a task to find the Gun Devil in a hotel -- we then meet the new recruits Kobeni, Arai, and Himeno. The group enters and encounters a devil who doesn't put up much of a battle, but they soon find themselves trapped in a loop on the 8th story of the building.

Chainsaw Man Episode 4

Chainsaw Man Episode 4, "Rescue," premiered on 1 November 2022.

Chainsaw Man Episode 4 begins with a brief flashback to Power's life before meeting Meowy, demonstrating how she changed her life's perspective. Then, after defeating the Bat Devil, the anime cuts to Denji carrying Power and Meowy in a princess carry.

After the battle with the Bat Devil has subsided, Power, who is currently unable to move, asks Denji why he went so far to protect her. Denji's response is straightforward: he gestures toward her breasts. Power then says he can fondle her breasts, but the Leech Devil slashes off his arm before he can.

chainsaw man recap episode 4 rescue denji power meowy
Denji rescuing Power and Meowy from the Bat Devil in Chainsaw Man episode 4. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

Denji, who is currently exhausted and low on blood, tries unsuccessfully to summon his chainsaw powers. He can only bring out his forehead chainsaw halfway, but despite this, he remains strong. But it's not enough to stop the Leech Devil from piercing Denji's abdomen with her tongue.

As the Leech Devil is about to devour Denji, Aki appears and makes the Japanese hand sign for a Fox. At this point, the Fox Devil appears and eats the Leech Devil, saving Denji. When Aki visits Denji in the hospital, it is revealed that humans can form contracts with Devils in exchange for bits of their bodies as compensation.

chainsaw man episode 4 recap power keeping her promise to denji
Power is in her causal clothes in Chainsaw Man Episode 4. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

Aki then questions Denji, asking if Power attempted to use him as a bargaining chip. Denji refutes these claims and tells Aki that he thinks Power is actually cool. Aki then exits the hospital room, and Power is freed from her handcuffs. When Aki returns from his visit to the hospital, he must report his findings to Makima, their superior.

We are then shown Aki's daily life in his apartment, and soon Power and Meowy arrive at his door with all of her belongings. Power approaches Denji in the restroom once everyone has settled in and tells him he can fondle her breast three times. That's when Episode 4 finishes; stay tuned for the Episode 5 recap to see if Denji got his three squeezes in.

Chainsaw Man Episode 3

Chainsaw Man Episode 3 "Meowy's Whereabouts" premiered on 25 October  2022.

After the events of Episode 2, in which Power kills a civilian Hunter's Devil, Makima reprimands Denji and Power severely for interfering with the civilian's business. She also warns Denji that Power must be kept in check and threatens that if Power loses control, she will die.

Power soon recognizes her error and attempts to blame her actions on Denji, resulting in a fight between the two. When the tension between the two subsides, they take a minute to themselves and discuss what motivates them.

chainsaw man episode 3 makima power fiend denji meowy's whereabouts
Makima lightly scolds Denji and Power for their actions. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

Power states that she only likes cats for company and despises both humans and devils after the Bat Devil abducted her pet cat Meowy. Denji expresses sympathy because he lost Pochita, but he also informs her that all he cares about is feeling up some breasts.

Power offers Denji to fondle her breasts in exchange for helping her recuse Meowy from the Bat Devil. When they get to the location, though, Denji asks Power about the plan for removing Meowy and realizes something is off.

chainsaw man episode 3 recap denji power fiend on their way to the location meowy's whereabouts
Denji and Power went to recuse Meowy from the Bat Devil. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

Power later knocks Denji out using her Blood Talents and uses him as a negotiating tool to get Meowy back, revealing the Bat Devil and Power's plot. However, after the Bat Devil tastes Denji's blood, things swiftly spiral out of control.

As punishment for Power feeding him foul blood, he eats Meowy and Power. Denji then follows the Bat Devil across the town, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. After an intense battle between the two, the episode concludes with Denji victorious in a rain of Bat Devil blood.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 "Arrival in Tokyo" premiered on 18 October  2022.

Denji and Makima are shown traveling to the Devil Hunter Headquarters. Shortly after, Makima asks Denji to introduce himself and lets him know he will now be in her care. After this, Makima informs him that what happened previously was not unusual and that Pochita is still alive inside Denji.

At the Headquarters, Makima introduces Denji to Aki. However, while on patrol, the two get into a fight after Aki learns why Denji became a Devil Hunter. As they return to Makima's office, she tells Denji that he will be joining Aki's experimental unit.

chainsaw man episode 2 power fiend recap episode 3 release date and time
The Fiend Power is on an obvious Power trip in Chainsaw Man Episode 2. (Picture: Mappa Studio)

Aki then discovers that Denji is a hybrid mix of both Human and Devil. The next day, Aki tells Denji to use his abilities, but Denji refuses. Instead, he uses an axe, informing Aki that he wants the Fiend to die quickly; this infuriates Aki, who advises him not to feel sympathy for them. 

When the two return to Makima's Office, they meet a new squad member, a Fiend named Power. However, the scene quickly cuts to Power and Denji going on patrol. She instantly starts running to where she smells blood, and when she locates the Devil and kills it with her hammer. The episode ends shortly after that.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 "Dog and Chainsaw" premiered on 11 October  2022.

We don't have a recap for this episode. But you know what that means -- you should watch it for yourself for free on Crunchyroll here.

And that's all. For more content about movies and TV series, check out our section dedicated to Entertainment news, updates, and much more.

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Featured image courtesy of MAPPA.