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Stranger Things Creators Working On New Death Note Live-Action Series For Netflix

Stranger Things creators, Matt and Ross Duffer revealed they are bringing forth a fresh live-action series adaptation of Death Note on Netflix.
Stranger Things Creators Working On New Death Note Live-Action Series For Netflix

As a shocking announcement, alongside many other interesting revealed projects, a live-action adaptation series of Death Note is coming to Netflix

Although most wouldn’t be over the moon considering the down-right horrid attempt of a live version of the anime in 2017, it might not be a bad idea in the hands of Stranger Things creators, the Duffer brothers.

According to Deadline, the Duffer brother's new production studio, Upside Down Pictures, will work on the live-action Death Note series.

The Duffer brothers pose at an event together.
The Duffer brothers created, directed, and produced every season of Stranger Things. The siblings have one more season to go before the series ends. (Picture: Stranger Things Wiki)

The siblings will also work on other cinematic projects like Stephen King’s 1984 novel The Talisman, an original series from Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and more noteworthy films.

Stranger Things Creators, Duffer Brothers Set Their Eyes On Death Note Live-Action Series

The Duffer brothers will produce and direct the upcoming Death Note series on Netflix, but it will supposedly be a new take compared to its previous movie adaptation. 

Originally written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, Death Note is a popular mystery and psychological thriller Japanese manga and anime series. 

Death Note’s story follows a teenager called Light who happens to find a black book titled Death Note. This teen finds out the mysterious book holds a much greater power, wherein he can wield the essence of life and death in his grasp. The Death Note kills anyone if their name is written inside; Light abuses this power and becomes a student-turned-criminal. With his godly powers, he takes away the life of those he deems unworthy of it. 

Will Duffer Brother’s New Adaptation Be Successful or Fall Into Death Notes Pages Like Former Attempts

Light hesitantly feels Ryuk over his shoulder.
Death Note sold more than thirty million manga copies, and had a popular Japanese TV show from 2003-2006. (Picture: Netflix)

If you’re unknown to the continuous disappointment of live-action anime adaptations, tread your expectations lightly. Throughout cinematic history, live-action anime or manga-adapted movies or series have always been horrendous and much of an eyesore to watch.

Adam Wingard’s directed version of Death Note hit the world hard in 2017; and in the worst ways. The live-action movie featured promising actor, Natt Wolff, and voice-over actor, Willem Dafoe. But it ultimately felt underdeveloped, overdetermined, and with some critics calling it “pathetically flat.” Across the board, it’s rated as one of the worst live-action anime adaptations, beside Avatar: The Last Airbender at around 20-30% in audience-rated rotten tomatoes.

With the Duffer brothers revealing their decision to tackle Death Note again, after such a mundane attempt only half a decade ago, it leaves Death Note fans feeling anxious. And most people wouldn’t want to watch another poor attempt at adapting the anime or watch episodes of eye-scratching torture yet again.

Ryuk stares menacingly.
Death Note's live-action adaption movie did so bad, it's currently rated 1.9 stars on Google, 4.5 on IMBD, and averages 37% rotten tomatoes across critics and general audience reviews. (Picture: Netflix)

And it’s no joke; the Duffer brothers hold up so much anticipation from fans expecting something “good.” It’s almost a make-it or break-it situation for Death Note to be produced well, or never again. 

However, don’t lose hope in the live-action series so early. The Duffer brothers have created the revolutionary series, Stranger Things which also broke Netflix during its fourth season. And knowing the caliber of cinematic significance Stranger Things went through, the newly-announced live-action project might not turn out as bad as most would instantly expect. 

To find out if the live-action series takes a whole page and pen of ink in the Death Note itself, you’ll have to wait for the full release on Netflix.

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Featured image courtesy of Netflix and Death Note.