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When Will Netflix Release Stranger Things Season 5?

Is Stranger Things 5 the final chapter of the popular Netflix series, and when will it release? Let's find out.
When Will Netflix Release Stranger Things Season 5?

Stranger Things is among Netflix's most popular series that has sent avid fans into a frenzy as they ventured into the Upside Down. Following the conclusion of the fourth season, which naturally left fans salivating for more, many are wondering when Stranger Things 5 will premiere.

Notably, the fifth season will set the stage for massive reveals, with many mysteries still to be discovered. Indeed, this includes why time is frozen in 1983 in the Upside Down, which new heroes will emerge, and which other characters die in the show. Here's everything that we know.

When will Stranger Things 5 be released?

stranger things 4 release date
Netflix has not announced when Stranger Things 5 will premiere. (Picture: Netflix)

While Netflix has confirmed that its hyper-popular series Stranger Things has been renewed for Season 5, the release date has not been announced yet. In fact, given that the Stranger Things 4: Vol 2 just recently ended, the show has yet to enter the initial stages of production.

That said, we can expect the fifth installment of the Netflix series to take some time before it reaches our screens. However, if there's anything we can hope for, it's (hopefully) another "supersized" Stranger Things season featuring more feature-film-length episodes.

In an interview with Variety, Matt and Ross Duffer (often credited as the Duffer Brothers) did inspire some hope for an ambitious Q4 2023 or Q2 2024 release of Stranger Things 5. "Don't hold us to it, but the gap should be quite a bit shorter this time, due to the fact that we already have an initial outline, and we can't imagine there will be another six-month forced hiatus," they said.

Beyond this, we could expect Stranger Things 5 to be separated into two parts, similarly to the fourth season and several other Netflix shows, including Lucifer and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina; indeed, this would put less burden on production, too.

Is Stranger Things 5 the final season?

stranger things 5 final season
Stranger Things 5 is the final season of the series. (Picture: Netflix)

Yes, Stranger Things Season 5 is the fifth and final season of the show. In the same Variety interview, the Duffer Brothers reflected on the journey leading up to the last season, saying: "We always knew that Season 4 was going to be the penultimate season and that its ending would dovetail directly into Season 5."

While Stranger Things is coming to an end, the show could lead to a spinoff series. Unfortunately, the script for the spinoff series has not been written yet; however, the Duffer Brothers noted that it's "very different" and that everyone, including Netlfix, "will be surprised when they hear the concept."

That's everything we know right now. But don't worry; we'll endeavor to provide further updates regarding the release date of Stranger Things 5 and the show's potential new spinoff series.

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Featured image courtesy of Netflix.