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The Rings of Power Episode 6 Release Date & Time

Prepare for some more action this week. Find out when Episode 6 of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power goes live.
The Rings of Power Episode 6 Release Date & Time

Episode 6 is coming up soon for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and this week is promising to hold some of the most action to date. But like every other week, we all have to wait until the latest episode officially releases.

There is a lot of content out these days, including Andor and House of the Dragon, so it can be tough to keep track of which shows release when. To find out all about Episode 6 of The Rings of Power, keep reading below and get the full scoop on the release date and time.

Release Date & Time for The Rings Of Power Episode 6

Evil isn't far off from striking. (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

The release date and time for Episode 6 is fairly simple to keep track of regardless of the region. Fans of The Rings of Power can begin watching on September 30 at 12 am ET. There are no worries for local time gating either, and that means everyone can begin watching at that time, regardless of the region.

So while The Lord of the Rings show may officially go live every Friday, there is a good portion of the world that can watch before 12 am ET. The west coast of the United States, for example, can begin watching Episode 6 of The Rings of Power as soon as September 29 at 9 pm PT. For those who want to get to sleep on time, that's a massive bonus.

Everyone on the east coast or further ahead in the time zone won't have that luxury, unfortunately. Fans in the United Kingdom won't be able to watch until around 5 am on September 30. But there is still all of Friday to give the new episode a viewing without any spoilers.

What to Expect in Episode 6 of The Rings of Power

Elrond has almost joined the Dwarves and the Elves. (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

Episode 5 of The Rings of Power may have been slow last week, but it allowed for plenty of setup in the overall narrative. The storyline in Numenor seems to finally be taking off, and they will likely arrive in Middle Earth early into Episode 6.

Of course, Arondir is working to prepare everyone for the Orc attack that is imminent, and he'll need all the help he can get. Episode 6 could be the most action-packed so far, and it will likely feature some long-awaited crossovers between two storylines.

As for Elrond and the elves of Lindon, we'll have to wait and see what plays out in their quest for Mithril.

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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.