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KaiCenat Surges Past xQc After Gaining Over 80K Twitch Subscribers

KaiCenat has achieved over 80,000 subs, overtaking xQc and becoming the second most subscribed-to streamer on Twitch.
KaiCenat Surges Past xQc After Gaining Over 80K Twitch Subscribers

On 24th September 2022, Twitch megastar Kai Cenat (best known by his alias KaiCenat) topped the charts of being the most-subscribed English Twitch streamer, dethroning internet icon Felix "xQc" Lengyel and smashing his own all-time record in the process.

With a previous record high active sub count of 74,900 subscriptions, KaiCenat's stream quickly exploded, achieving nearly 10,000 Twitch subs before the day was out. Shortly after attaining his monumental victory, KaiCenat broke down with tears of joy in an emotional call with his mother.

KaiCenat Is The Most Subbed English Twitch Streamer

At the time of writing, KaiCenat was broadcasting the Sidemen Charity Match and boasted an incredible 83,578 Twitch subs, making him the most-subbed-to English streamer on the platform and the second most-subbed-to streamer overall (i.e., across all languages).

kaicenat hits 80k twitch subs
KaiCenat hits over 80K subscriptions on Twitch, smashing his personal sub-count record. (Picture: Twitter / KaiCenat)

In a Twitter post on 24th September 2022, Kai announced his accolade, writing, "80K SUBS ON TWITCH CURRENTLY #1 IN THE COUNTRY, THIS IS BEYOND ME I LOVE EVERYONE WHO’S SHOWN SUPPORT THROUGH THE WAY🙏🏾MAFIA4L."

According to TwitchTracker, at the time of writing, Kai had 83,202 Twitch subs. Not including his 30,528 gifted subs, the breakdown of Tier 1-3 subscriptions was as follows:

  • Tier 1 ($4.99): 50,950
  • Tier 1 ($9.99): 35
  • Tier 1 ($24.99): 5

This translates to over $250,000 in revenue generated thus far. Shortly after reaching the 80K subscriber milestone, Kai also shared an emotional call with his mother during his Twitch Livestream.

"Congratulations, Kai. You're number 1! I was sleeping and kept hearing my notifications, but when I looked, you were at 79 [thousand], and I'm so happy for you, baby! You work so hard, and you deserve this so much," KaiCenat's mom said over the phone.

She continued to express her love for Kai, noting how proud she was of him. "I love you so much. Babe, I'm so proud of you, and you're number 1! And you're MY son! I'm so happy to be your mom," she added.

KaiCenat was visibly emotional during the call, tearing up as his mom vouched for his grinding and hard work. "My son worked hard. He's a grinder. Every day, every night. And he gives me the world. I want the world to know I love you so much, son."

Several more of KaiCenat's fans took to Reddit to also congratulate him, with many expressing how incredible it was watching his Twitch sub count grow seemingly exponentially.

kaicenat most subscribed to person on Twitch highest sub count
KaiCenat was filled with emotion while listening to his mom congratulate him. (Picture: Twitch / KaiCenat)

"For a while, I thought the hype was over. He was hovering around 73k subs for a while after jumping from 40k to 70k in a month. Then I go to work and come back with 10k subs in 2 days," wrote one Reddit user.

KaiCenat's achievement will undoubtedly be one for the history books, and we look forward to watching him continue growing. Congratulations on your monumental achievement, Kai!

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / KaiCenat.