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What to expect in Stranger Things Season 5?

Now that Season 4 of Stranger Things has come to an end, learn about what you can expect in Season 5.
What to expect in Stranger Things Season 5?

The final two episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 were released on Netflix on the 1st of July, and now we know how Volume Two brings the show to the next chapter. With such a cataclysmic plot in Episode 9, there is a lot to unpack and look forward to in Season 5.

This past season of Stranger Things brought the stakes of the series to a height that they have never reached before, and as Vecna puts it, we are at the beginning of the end. If you finished the last two episodes, you know exactly what that means. In the case that you haven't, you should turn back now because SPOILERS are about to fly.

Stranger Things Season 5 - What can we expect?

Nancy Fight
Nancy was forced to face their largest threat so far. (Picture: Netflix)

In the last hour or so of Episode 9 in Stranger Things Season 4, there was a ton of damage caused. Not only were there two potential deaths but the entire town of Hawkins was cracked open by Vecna to create one massive gate to the normal world.

With Hawkins in shambles, the cast was still able to have plenty of reunions, including Hopper and Eleven. But these were all cut short as the town slowly started appearing like the upside-down. It was clear that Vecna was starting his plan, and the process of destroying Hawkins will ensue.

Season 5 of Stranger Things will clearly be about Eleven and Vecna as they struggle to take each other down. Papa is gone, and they are both at their power potential. But Eleven couldn't stop Vecna from technically killing Max and opening the fourth gate. Their conflict will likely be the main plot point of the story.

The relationship between Jonathan and Nancy is clearly strained by the end of Season 4 as well. Steve could swoop in to take back Nancy, which has been set up throughout Season 4 of the show. Robin and Will also have clear relationship problems of their own that will be interesting to watch.

Eleven Dream
Eleven and Vecna will likely be the largest plot points. (Picture: Netflix)

One of the most important aspects of Season 5 is the idea that it is the last season of Stranger Things entirely. If this is true, you can certainly expect the show to resolve all of the contentious plot points in the show, especially with Vecna and his realm.

Hawkins is already nearly decimated and it's clear that most of the characters will likely never go to a normal life after everything is said and done. Season 5 will surely mean the end for some, and hopefully a new beginning for other residents of Hawkins.

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Featured image courtesy of Netflix.