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V Rising Dedicated Server Set Up Guide (Update 1.0)

Need help setting up a dedicated server for V Rising? Find a detailed explanation right here!
V Rising Dedicated Server Set Up Guide (Update 1.0)
Stunlock Studios

Want to know how to set up a FREE V Rising dedicated server? You're in the right spot! With the official release version (update 1.0) coming on May 8, you're probably gearing up for some epic battles as you attempt to establish your vampire dominion in Vardoran.

That said, V Rising dedicated servers are great for hosting your own world, where you can have custom settings and play without the limitations of public servers. This guide will show you how to set up a V Rising dedicated server for free on PC!

Editor's Note: These are the exact steps I took to get my own V Rising dedicated server set up. If anything is not clear, drop me an email at chad.kemp@ginx.tv and I'll try help you!

How To Host V Rising Dedicated Server For Free

To set up a V Rising dedicated server on your own computer, follow the following instructions. These steps allow you to host a free server that's available for you and your friends to join at any time—as long as your computer is continuously running and connected to the internet.

Step 1: Download and Install the V Rising Dedicated Server From Steam

  • Access Steam Tools: Open your Steam client. In the Library, select the "Tools" section. If you don't see it, expand the library filter and make sure "Tools" is checked.
  • Find and Install the Server: Search for "V Rising Dedicated Server" in the Tools list. Once found, download and install it just like any other game on Steam. Choose a storage location with sufficient space (an SSD isn't necessary).

Step 2: Configure the Server Files

  • Browse Local Files: Right-click on "V Rising Dedicated Server" in Steam, go to "Manage," and click "Browse local files" to open the server's installation directory (for me, it's C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VRisingDedicatedServer.
  • Edit Start.bat File: Locate and edit the Start_Server_Example.bat file (this should be in the root directory of the folder). Ensure you have file extensions visible to identify the file correctly. Change the server settings such as server name, save path, and log file within the batch file. Use quotes for paths with spaces.
Example: Start_Server_Example.bat

@echo off
REM Copy this script to your own file and modify to your content. This file can be overwritten when updating.
set SteamAppId=1604030
echo "Starting V Rising Dedicated Server - PRESS CTRL-C to exit"

@echo on
VRisingServer.exe -persistentDataPath .\save-data -serverName "SERVER NAME" -saveName "world1" -logFile ".\logs\VRisingServer.log"

  • Run Start.bat: Execute the Start_Server_Example.bat file to generate initial server files and folders like logs and save data.

Step 3: Modify the V Rising Dedicated Server Settings

  • Navigate to Configuration: After running the .bat file, you should see new files and folders. Go to the following directory: \VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings\ 
  • Edit Configuration: Open and edit ServerHostSettings.json and ServerGameSettings.json to adjust server settings like server name, ports, and gameplay settings (PvP, PvE, etc.). 
    • Ensure that the server name in the ServerHostSettings.json file matches the server name in the Start_Server_Example.bat file exactly!
    • To ensure your V Rising dedicated server appears on the public list, I suggest that you change the server Port to 27015 and the QueryPort to 27016 in your server's configuration file, replacing the default values of 9876 and 9877, respectively. Also, change the ListOnSteam and ListOnEOS values to "true".
Example: ServerHostSettings.json

  "Name": "SERVER NAME",
  "Description": "LOL",
  "Port": 27015,
  "QueryPort": 27016,
  "MaxConnectedUsers": 100,
  "MaxConnectedAdmins": 4,
  "ServerFps": 30,
  "SaveName": "world1",
  "Password": "",
  "Secure": true,
  "ListOnSteam": true,
  "ListOnEOS": true,
  "AutoSaveCount": 20,
  "AutoSaveInterval": 120,
  "CompressSaveFiles": true,
  "GameSettingsPreset": "",
  "GameDifficultyPreset": "",
  "AdminOnlyDebugEvents": true,
  "DisableDebugEvents": false,
  "API": {
    "Enabled": false
  "Rcon": {
    "Enabled": false,
    "Port": 25575,
    "Password": ""

Example: ServerGameSettings.json

  "GameDifficulty": "Normal",
  "GameModeType": "PvP",
  "CastleDamageMode": "Never",
  "SiegeWeaponHealth": "Normal",
  "PlayerDamageMode": "Always",
  "CastleHeartDamageMode": "CanBeDestroyedByPlayers",
  "PvPProtectionMode": "Medium",
  "DeathContainerPermission": "Anyone",
  "RelicSpawnType": "Unique",
  "CanLootEnemyContainers": true,
  "BloodBoundEquipment": true,
  "TeleportBoundItems": true,
  "BatBoundItems": false,
  "AllowGlobalChat": true,
  "AllWaypointsUnlocked": false,
  "FreeCastleRaid": false,
  "FreeCastleClaim": false,
  "FreeCastleDestroy": false,
  "InactivityKillEnabled": true,
  "InactivityKillTimeMin": 3600,
  "InactivityKillTimeMax": 604800,
  "InactivityKillSafeTimeAddition": 172800,
  "InactivityKillTimerMaxItemLevel": 84,
  "StartingProgressionLevel": 0,
  "DisableDisconnectedDeadEnabled": true,
  "DisableDisconnectedDeadTimer": 60,
  "DisconnectedSunImmunityTime": 300.0,
  "InventoryStacksModifier": 1.0,
  "DropTableModifier_General": 1.0,
  "DropTableModifier_Missions": 1.0,
  "MaterialYieldModifier_Global": 1.0,
  "BloodEssenceYieldModifier": 1.0,
  "JournalVBloodSourceUnitMaxDistance": 25.0,
  "PvPVampireRespawnModifier": 1.0,
  "CastleMinimumDistanceInFloors": 2,
  "ClanSize": 4,
  "BloodDrainModifier": 1.0,
  "DurabilityDrainModifier": 1.0,
  "GarlicAreaStrengthModifier": 1.0,
  "HolyAreaStrengthModifier": 1.0,
  "SilverStrengthModifier": 1.0,
  "SunDamageModifier": 1.0,
  "CastleDecayRateModifier": 1.0,
  "CastleBloodEssenceDrainModifier": 1.0,
  "CastleSiegeTimer": 420.0,
  "CastleUnderAttackTimer": 60.0,
  "CastleRaidTimer": 600.0,
  "CastleRaidProtectionTime": 1800.0,
  "CastleExposedFreeClaimTimer": 300.0,
  "CastleRelocationCooldown": 10800.0,
  "CastleRelocationEnabled": true,
  "AnnounceSiegeWeaponSpawn": true,
  "ShowSiegeWeaponMapIcon": false,
  "BuildCostModifier": 1.0,
  "RecipeCostModifier": 1.0,
  "CraftRateModifier": 1.0,
  "ResearchCostModifier": 1.0,
  "RefinementCostModifier": 1.0,
  "RefinementRateModifier": 1.0,
  "ResearchTimeModifier": 1.0,
  "DismantleResourceModifier": 1.0,
  "ServantConvertRateModifier": 1.0,
  "RepairCostModifier": 1.0,
  "Death_DurabilityFactorLoss": 0.125,
  "Death_DurabilityLossFactorAsResources": 1.0,
  "StarterEquipmentId": 0,
  "StarterResourcesId": 0,
  "VBloodUnitSettings": [],
  "UnlockedAchievements": [],
  "UnlockedResearchs": [],
  "GameTimeModifiers": {
    "DayDurationInSeconds": 540.0,
    "DayStartHour": 9,
    "DayStartMinute": 0,
    "DayEndHour": 17,
    "DayEndMinute": 0,
    "BloodMoonFrequency_Min": 10,
    "BloodMoonFrequency_Max": 18,
    "BloodMoonBuff": 0.2
  "VampireStatModifiers": {
    "MaxHealthModifier": 1.0,
    "PhysicalPowerModifier": 1.0,
    "SpellPowerModifier": 1.0,
    "ResourcePowerModifier": 1.2,
    "SiegePowerModifier": 1.0,
    "DamageReceivedModifier": 1.0,
    "ReviveCancelDelay": 5.0
  "UnitStatModifiers_Global": {
    "MaxHealthModifier": 1.0,
    "PowerModifier": 1.0,
    "LevelIncrease": 0
  "UnitStatModifiers_VBlood": {
    "MaxHealthModifier": 1.0,
    "PowerModifier": 1.0,
    "LevelIncrease": 0
  "EquipmentStatModifiers_Global": {
    "MaxHealthModifier": 1.0,
    "ResourceYieldModifier": 1.0,
    "PhysicalPowerModifier": 1.0,
    "SpellPowerModifier": 1.0,
    "SiegePowerModifier": 1.0,
    "MovementSpeedModifier": 1.0
  "CastleStatModifiers_Global": {
    "TickPeriod": 5.0,
    "SafetyBoxLimit": 1,
    "EyeStructuresLimit": 1,
    "TombLimit": 12,
    "VerminNestLimit": 4,
    "PrisonCellLimit": 16,
    "HeartLimits": {
      "Level1": {
        "FloorLimit": 50,
        "ServantLimit": 4,
        "BuildLimits": 2,
        "HeightLimit": 3
      "Level2": {
        "FloorLimit": 140,
        "ServantLimit": 5,
        "BuildLimits": 2,
        "HeightLimit": 3
      "Level3": {
        "FloorLimit": 240,
        "ServantLimit": 6,
        "BuildLimits": 2,
        "HeightLimit": 3
      "Level4": {
        "FloorLimit": 360,
        "ServantLimit": 7,
        "BuildLimits": 2,
        "HeightLimit": 3
      "Level5": {
        "FloorLimit": 550,
        "ServantLimit": 8,
        "BuildLimits": 2,
        "HeightLimit": 3
    "CastleLimit": 2,
    "NetherGateLimit": 1,
    "ThroneOfDarknessLimit": 1
  "PlayerInteractionSettings": {
    "TimeZone": "Local",
    "VSPlayerWeekdayTime": {
      "StartHour": 20,
      "StartMinute": 0,
      "EndHour": 22,
      "EndMinute": 0
    "VSPlayerWeekendTime": {
      "StartHour": 20,
      "StartMinute": 0,
      "EndHour": 22,
      "EndMinute": 0
    "VSCastleWeekdayTime": {
      "StartHour": 20,
      "StartMinute": 0,
      "EndHour": 22,
      "EndMinute": 0
    "VSCastleWeekendTime": {
      "StartHour": 20,
      "StartMinute": 0,
      "EndHour": 22,
      "EndMinute": 0
  "TraderModifiers": {
    "StockModifier": 1.0,
    "PriceModifier": 1.0,
    "RestockTimerModifier": 1.0
  "WarEventGameSettings": {
    "Interval": 1,
    "MajorDuration": 1,
    "MinorDuration": 1,
    "WeekdayTime": {
      "StartHour": 0,
      "StartMinute": 0,
      "EndHour": 23,
      "EndMinute": 59
    "WeekendTime": {
      "StartHour": 0,
      "StartMinute": 0,
      "EndHour": 23,
      "EndMinute": 59
    "ScalingPlayers1": {
      "PointsModifier": 1.0,
      "DropModifier": 1.0
    "ScalingPlayers2": {
      "PointsModifier": 0.5,
      "DropModifier": 0.5
    "ScalingPlayers3": {
      "PointsModifier": 0.25,
      "DropModifier": 0.25
    "ScalingPlayers4": {
      "PointsModifier": 0.25,
      "DropModifier": 0.25

Step 4: Port Forwarding

  • Port Forwarding: Configure your router to forward the ports used by V Rising. This step is essential for allowing external connections to your server. Unfortunately, I can only provide a detailed explanation for my own router settings.
    • For my router (ASUS RT-AC58U), I had to navigate to the "WAN" settings under the "Advanced Settings" menu and then click on the "Virtual Server / Port Forwarding" tab.
    • I then created a new Port Forwarding rule for UDP/TCP ports 9876, 9877 (official V Rising ports), 27015, 27016, and 27031-27036 (official Steam ports). The GitHub claims that only UDP ports must be forwarded—however, I found that the dedicated server was only discoverable after whitelisting all of these ports.
  • Windows Firewall: Add rules to allow incoming and outgoing connections for your server’s ports in Windows Defender Firewall. You'll need to create both inbound and outbound rules for the UDP/TCP ports used by the server (i.e., this includes ports 9876, 9877, 27015, 27016, and 27031-27036).

Step 5: Final Steps

  • Start the Server: Double-click on Start_Server_Example.bat to launch the server. The server should be discoverable under the V Rising PvP/PvE public server list. Your friends can also connect directly to your server using your external (public) IP address. If you still cannot see your V Rising dedicated server appear on the public server list, you may have a filter enabled. Ensure that Merciless and empty servers are visible.

And that's all! I primarily made this V Rising dedicated server guide because I found GitHub quite confusing. Apart from Reddit threads, there were also no solutions to the V Rising server not appearing on the public list. So, hopefully, this guide is comprehensive and covers all those knowledge gaps!